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Akito Infobox
Akito Sugimori



Akito Sugimori


Archangel(大天使 Dai Tenshi)


October 10th


Kyoto, Japan


Male Male



Blood Type



Master's in Criminal Psychology

Hair Color



5'11" (180 cm)


143 lbs (65 kg)

Professional Status

Nanba Prison



Personal Status


Magic, Abilities, and Equipment

Light Manipulation
Soul Repeal

Weaponry and Armor

Swords of the Shinchi Fujukin (七福神の剣, Shinchi Fujukin no Ken)
Cape of Fudō Myōō (不動明王の岬 Fudō Myōō no Misaki)

Other Equipment

Straight Razor

Akito Sugimori (旭人杉森 Akito Sugimori) is one of the wardens at Nanba Prison. This silver tongued swordsman was once a proud commander for the military organization at CLAS-16, but had since grew tired of the mundane soldiers that surrounded him. Taking his skills in Light Manipulation, as well as his highly valued ability of Soul Repeal, he left the military in search of people who sparked his interest. It was in this job search that he found the appeal in the worlds most secure prison, finding a great deal of excitement in keeping the guards and inmates in line.


Akito Full

His eyes are the silver of freshly poured mercury; they glint in the sunlight and harsh lights of inside. They are deep set and almond-shaped, given personality by the thin eyebrows that move on satin skin. They are sometimes obscured by the pewter strands of long hair that flow freely atop his head. His lips are pale and thin and his nose slender and rounded. A prominent jaw curved gracefully around and the strength of his neck showed in the twining cords of muscle that shaped his entire body; strong arms, bold thighs and calves, a firm chest and abdomen.

Akito’s apparel is that which you would call a dressed soldier, sporting a service uniform with a lavish enchanted cape. The trenchcoat he wears beneath the coat has a two-layered double gun flap on each shoulder made from barathea wool with gold grosgrain trimmed edges, giving it a refined and powerful appearance. The onyx colored coat is pseudo double-breasted model with a sharply cut-away skirt and navy silk-faced lapels trimmed in gold. It fits his torso snugly, three gold buttons going down the side to hold it to his well-toned body perfectly. The sleeves are cut in a way that allows them to be folded on the military creases and show the double gold line on the cuff. One will note that the coat does not hold pockets, following the practiced etiquette stating that “the weight and bulge of loaded-down pockets will obstruct the graceful lines of the contoured dress suit”. Though Akito has had his modified to include a hidden pocket on the inside of his coat’s back wall, as to have a place to store the keys to his office.

On his coat are his various military medals and sashes gained through his valiant service in the military. One for the rescue of his comrades over enemy lines, a gold and green National Defense Service Medal; one for his leadership of troops, a gold leaf pin; and a master of swordsplay medal, a maroon and yellow medal. He also wears a green sash as a sign of being a general in the service. He also wears a waist belt with an emblem of the Sugimori Clan on the buckle, showing his pride in the name of his family.

Beneath his coat is a regular white collared shirt, kept tight with a black tie in a windsor knot. His look is complete with full-dress trousers that are the same fabric as the trenchcoat. They are a high rise waistline, flat front finished that cause them to sit just above the waistline. The uniforms pant’s refined minimalism is further aided by the placement of the side pockets on his trouser’s side seam rendering them virtually invisible. These pants are tucked in neatly into knee high combat boots made of the finest black leather.

His appearance is completely by the addition of his two sacred relic items. On his shoulders lies the Cape of Fudō Myōō, and enchanted cape of protection that is colored black on the outside and red on the interior. It has the same gold trim on the outside as the rest of his uniform, and has a high collar to protect his throat. This cape has been enchanted to protect him from the harshest of elements and the sharpest of blades. His second relic item is the seven Swords of the Shinchi Fujukin that are held in the holsters on his backside. These swords hold a sacred power of the gods that make Akito one of the most highly feared people in all of Japan.


Akito Reading

Akito is a bit of an enigma when it comes to describing his personality; being both a nihilic cynic and a charming man with a strong value system. He has a way of altering the light in the room so that it somehow always shines on him, as he is able to capture the attention of any audience with a simple wave of his hand.

Charm and popularity is a quality he has in spades. He instinctively know how to capture an audience, reading the room and picking up on mood instantly, allowing him to alter his communication style to fit with reason, emotion, passion, or restraint – whatever the situation calls for. His talent with imitation gives him the descriptor of "cunning", as he able to shift his tone and manner to reflect the needs of the audience to get what he wants. He can often be seen reading in his free time, books of philosophy along with classic literature, and will often quote them to help prove his point and get his message across.

Aside from being a fluent conversationalists, Akito is mentally quick, and enjoy verbal sparring with others. A main topic for a rousing argument comes from his enjoyment of picking apart the beliefs of others, often calling their idealistic ways "childish and naive". Though he can be rather contradictory in that fact that when someone threatens his own value system he becomes an aggressive defender, fighting passionately for his cause and validity. He holds the ideas of his supervisor's council highly, fighting to maintain a balance in the prison, believing that the idea of destroying the evil in the island is a fantasy of those who cannot handle pain. When talking with someone he can become quite harsh when his patience is tried in these respects, because he doesn't believe that he should tailor his judgments in consideration for people's feelings, and will speak his mind freely regardless of the authority of his audience.

This is not to say that Akito isn't a true team player. He recognizes his faults and shortcomings, and will listen to the opinions of others whom he respects; even if it contradicts his own views. While he admits he doesn't have all the answers, he is often receptive to dissent, so long as it remains constructive. For the one thing Akito hates most is the sight of mistakes repeated, and he has no patience with inefficiency.

Though from what he is admired most for is his wit and adaptability, a skill extremely useful in the management of a prison. He is constantly absorbing ideas and images about the situations he is presented with in his life. Using his intuition to process information, coming to a conclusive plan extremely quick and accurately. Accordingly, he is quite flexible and adaptable even if the situation changes, using his perceptive abilities to see the possibilities everywhere that can maximize his chance of a successful outcome. His quickness to grasp complexities, absorb a large amount of visual information, and his quick and decisive judgments is what makes him such an unpredictable and skilled warden.


Born into the Sugimori Clan, Akito was always one of noble stature and praised skills. Throughout the years, his clan had become one of the most recognized breed of swordsman in Japan; lending their skills heavily to the emperor’s army. It was this reason that Akito was thrust into various classes on the art of the sword, spending any moment outside of his educational studies dueling with his brothers or his instructors. His instructors saw great promise in his skills and so they convinced him to compete in various kendo matches to improve his footwork and go up against some of the most prevalent swordsmen in the sport at the time. Before he even graduated high school, Akito had already won three national kendo championships, and had earned the right to inherit the title of future leader of his clan. This title gave him access to the Swords of the Shinchi Fujukin that had been passed down in his family for generations. It was once he obtained these seven swords that he worked tirelessly to develop what would be later called Lotus Style and what would earn him notoriety from all those he crossed blades with.

Akito graduated high school at the early age of 14, moving on to get accepted at Kyoto University on scholarship, should he join their Kendo Club and rake them in national titles to their already eclectic collection of top ranking titles. Not wanting to refuse, he bid his mother and father goodbye and left to start his own path in life. His interest was greatly struck by the psychology program, the intricacies of the human mind drawing him in and giving him understands to human behavioral patterns that he had yet to pick up. The fascination of the program led him to stay at the school longer than his parents would have preferred, earning his bachelors in only 3 years and later picking up a Master's Degree two years later with an emphasis in criminal psychology. The complexities of the criminal mind, and the outside factors that contribute to such actions fascinated the otherwise bored teen; finding that the minds of the past were far more interesting than the dull brains of today's world. It was this reason that Akito kept to himself mostly with his nose in a book; this wasn't to say that he lacked social skills however. His parents had groomed him to be a suitable heir to the "throne" of their clan, and trained him on proper etiquette and conversational courtesy. His understanding of the human psychology and behavior antics also made it possible for him to read a room and divert conversation to best get what he desired. It was this skill that caught the eyes of military recruiters, who had came to a kendo match and saw the way Akito rallied his fellow classmates into exploiting the weaknesses of the enemy school and going on to win the championship. Approaching Akito at the end of his match, and the final one of his schooling, the recruiters announced that they were of the organization known as CLAS-16 and would like to know if the teen would come to one of their assessments and become a proud protector of their society.

Akito Chair

Hoping to find something new to cure his boredom, Akito obliged to their test after receiving his degree; not wanting to leave any lose ends back at Kyoto University. Passing all portions of their test with the highest marks the organization had ever seen, Akito was quickly drafted in as an O-3 Lieutenant in charge of one of the most elite groups, the Alpha Team. It was in his service to his team that he awoken his only casual practice of Ki. Akito had always had an affinity light, being able to channel his Ki into his blades and surround them with dense light constructs; but when he joined the CLAS-16 he was able to harness these skills far beyond anything he had known before. The officers at CLAS gave him the knowledge and practice that turned him into a war machine; combining his Light Manipulation with his immense sword skills to annihilate any opposition that came his way. His skills, leadership, and astounding mission reports easily sent him into the ranks of an O-5 Commander, where his knowledge and tactical thinking led the CLAS-16 into one of the most successful periods of its time. With the exhilaration of battle lost, however, Akito soon grew bored of his duties there as well. He found that his degree was of no use, for the military always seemed to find the same run of the mill psychological profiles. He strived for something far more interesting and new, something that would keep his mind occupied. Wanting to put his degree to good use, Akito looked for something in the criminal field; and with his leadership and military background, warden was the only thing that really peaked his interest.

Ki AbilitiesEdit

Inimidating aura

Intimidating Aura: Akito has a means of exerting his Ki, whether it come from the natural release through his pores or through a forceful exertion, that great strikes fear into those who see it. Upon it's release the energy surges around the body and is exerted outwards in the form of an etherial aura, which holds considerable pressure surrounding it. Depending on the amount of Ki Akito uses in his aura release, it can be used to intimidate another individual, or as a pressure wave that can be used to push back weaker attacks. This aura that his Ki gives off is rather terrifying, which can cause his opponents to run away or literally get frozen in place by fear. The pressure of his Ki, and the subsequent intimidating effect on his opponent, is less effective on those who are of equal power in Ki, or have considerably strong willpower to overcome the fear in their hearts. Akito's able to release an aura that blocks out all light from his form, only allowing for a devilish light from the eyes to form, giving off a gaze that seems to peer into the soul of those on the receiving end. This Ki even gives off a rippling scream due to the frequency it is emitted against the natural environment. The reaction of his aura's Ki with the environment can extend and cause his opponent to hallucinate and see the area as ominous, dark and foreboding, due to his aura's ability to blacken the light around them. Aside from a means of intimation to scare off the weak hearted, Akito will also use it as a form of external pressure to make people freeze in place from the force of the Ki against their skin. He can shape and manipulate the force of aura against his target to whatever he wishes; something he often uses when he brings his guards into his office, allowing for a release of his aura to get the information he desires from them.

Large Ki Reserve: From a young age Akito had been somewhat of a protegee when it came to drawing in ambient Ki from the atmosphere; even able to do it kinetically, rather than through traditional means of meditation. This Ki energy explodes in the form of a powerful pressure; causing an overwhelming force to be released from his body, and can cause a shockwave to crater the earth; infecting the ground around him to enable small chunks of rock to float upwards just by its presence. Because of his mastery over his techniques, Akito has a natural control over the exertion of his large Ki, keeping it contained to the point where it is virtually impossible to detect him by normal means, though the constant effort can be taxing. This precise control over his Ki extends to his skillful manipulation of his magical energy and regulated output during the casting of his techniques, enabling him to control it to soaring heights that many other users could never imagine. His Ki storage allows him prolong usage of his Ki, and thus allow him to fight for as long as necessary. Through rigorous training and practice, Akito has been able to hone his abilities so that his techniques are not very costly, and allow him to conserve his Ki for those he cannot seem to subdue through sheer tactics alone. It has been rumored that Akito would be able to last days on his Ki if he were to fight a dangerous opponent; Akito dismisses these claims, saying she has yet to fully test his reserves.

Impressive Ki Manipulation: With his large reserve of Ki, Akito had a great deal of supply to practice his manipulation skills during his time on the earth. He has a acquired a large sense of freedom manipulating his Ki for offensive, defensive, and supportive purposes in any way that he wishes; although it still requires a great deal of concentration for him to harness ambient Ki during battle, and so Akito is rather sparring when using his Ki for basic manipulation techiques. Though he will use his abilities to gather Ki from the environment during a battle, when the air has been saturated with the exertions of Ki from techniques used by adversaries. He has also been able to manipulate his own Ki reserves with great skill, allowing him to execute attacks without excess waste of his energy. In times of great mediation he is even able to manipulate his Ki to act as a catalyst or substitute substrate in various reactions in his body. This can greatly increase the output and efficiency of his cells, as his body is able to use a form of energy that can be replenished slowly through the means of ambient absorption; which is far less finite than the traditional metabolism and production.

Light ManipulationEdit

Light Manipulation (光子の運動 Kōshi no Undō, lit. The movement of photons), also commonly known as Photokinesis, is a telekinetic and Ki ability used by those who have the biological affinity for light manipulation. Akito can effectively shape and manipulate visible light, as well as the electromagnetic spectrum with practice. Users can condense ambient light, and shape and manipulate that light through the aid of their telepathic control over photons. They can influence primary properties of light such as intensity, propagation direction, frequency or wavelength spectrum, and polarization. While its speed in a vacuum (299,792,458 meters per second/186,000 MPS) is one of the fundamental constants of nature, and once a user is able to harness that speed, they are able to perform a variety of feats through the use of photokinesis.

Akito have even been able to extend their photokinetic abilities to that of the entire electromagnetic spectrum. Although a heightened sensing ability is required to distinguish the variance in the photons wavelength, once mastered, a user has a range of all possible frequencies of electromagnetic radiation; which (in order of increasing frequency and decreasing wavelength) consists of radio waves, microwaves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X-rays , cosmic rays and gamma rays. He has also been able to incorporate his Ki into his ability, and translate his Ki into that of light particles, making him capable of generating light even in the blackest of settings.

Once this heightened state of control is reached, Akito could effectively cease all fire based attacks, as the heat generated from a flames is that of infrared light. This is because the photon emission from the combustion transfers the kinetic energy from the created photons to another body, which is what we feel as heat. Even thermal radiation up to 2000 Kelvin is 99% from infrared light. So most fire attacks are rather futile against a user, as they can choose to manipulate the infrared light produced by the flames reaction and cause it to dissipate. This telekinetic ability does come with limits however, such as users can only completely cool attacks that run up to 2000 K, making it very useful against fire attacks, as they can get up to around 1800 K. Anything hotter than that would still cause definite damage to Akito, making it useless against elements such as plasma and lightning, which can get into the hundred thousands, or even millions, as far as temperature.

  • Blinding Fist (ブラインドパンチ Buraindopanchi): Similar to the way of releasing an aura, Akito will channel his Ki energy into both of his fists, surrounding them in a bright white-golden light. However, Akito will release an almost undetectable amount of Ki into his arm, muscle, and shoulder’s structure to help strengthen the resistance of her body as well as increase output of the punch. This light around his fist is of a greater molecular speed and density, making it act as a greater protection as well as a means to deal a more damaging hit on his opponent. He could easily use this spell to pierce through or block physical or Ki attacks, depending on the strength of the attack. He uses this attack to mostly up the power of his close range combat, as well as provide a thin veil of protective photons around his body. This technique doesn’t take up much Ki either, as the output of such an attack is relatively close range and can be recycled by reincorporating in the lost photons. This means that Akito could easily keep this up for the duration of a battle, and even use other techniques simultaneously.
    • Radiating Strike (分かれ出る当て身 Wakarederu Atemi): While using Blinding Fist, Akito is able to alter the wavelength of the light surrounding his hands into that of infrared light. Infrared light is the unique wavelength of light, although unseen to the human eye, is felt as heat. This appears invisible to those of normal eyesight, giving him a surprise advantage in close combat. As most people would attribute his way of combat to swordsmanship, leading them to not fully guard against his fiery hot strike when he switches to hand to hand combat. Even for people with keen eyesight or abilities of the like, his fists only appear slightly hazy, as if they were staring through the heat wave that bounces off the hot pavement in the summer. To Akito, or other Light Manipulators who can see the wide spectrum that he can, it appears as a red hue, the light crawling up his arms like a flickering flame. By generating a great deal of infrared light, Akito is able to hit with extreme heat, coming close to that of a Fire Manipulator's attacks, and leaving his opponent with scorched skin.
    • Photovoltaic Strike(太陽光発電ストライキ, Taiyōhikarihatsuden Sutoraiki): Using the metallic cuffs on his wrists as his conductor, Akito will bombard the metal molecules with high energy photons from his Blinding Fist to help dislodge the valence electrons within the ring and give the object a sitting charge. Through intensive training and Ki manipulation, Akito has developed a slight tolerance to the electricity that surges through his body during the photovoltaic attacks, but the same cannot be said for his opponent usually. When this strike hits it can cause extreme local muscular contraction, stunning the area for around a minute from one hit. Consecutive blows can cause the paralysis to spread out and increase its duration.
  • Shimmering Arrows (光る矢 Hikaru Ya):First Akito will use his photokinesis to gather light particles into his hand, causing a small glow to spread out as this technique is activated, encircling his hand in a radiant golden glow as multiple streams of light are sent out to attack the enemy. The spread of these beams can cover a distance of 260 feet straight, and 35 feet across, making it one of most widespread and threatening attacks in Akito’s arsenal. The beams themselves are always connected at the point of origin, allowing Akito to alter the beam's direction after being shot by the aid of expert photokinesis and Ki infused manipulation if the time comes. This makes it possible to strike multiple enemies with pinpoint accuracy, even bypassing hostages held in close proximity. The beams start off at a thickness of 8 inches from their point of origin, and gradually get thinner as the travel down their path, ending at a mere quarter inch thickness at their maximum length. They can easily puncture steel or earth, and even make their way through viscous liquid due to their vibrational frequency. A unique trait about this spell is her ability to increase the number of beams to a substantially large amount, splitting them in half in the process. An initial attack can generate 15 different beams, each which can easily be controlled by Akito. But should he desire to split them up towards their 480 beam maximum, the maneuverability of the arrows lessens, turning the attack into more of a barrage, rather than a pinpoint attack. He also has the potential to turn this attack into various wavelengths of lights by manipulating the photons or infusing the attack with his Ki. 
  • Illuminating Whip (照らす鞭, Terasumuchi): Sticking his hand out in an outstretched fashion, Akito will begin to manipulate the photons in the area and concentrate them into his palm into a concentrated stream of golden white light. This stream takes on the shape of an eight foot long bullwhip, with a heavier light concentration near the handle to balance out the sleek tapered length of the whip. The amount of control Akito has over this whip allows him to easily hit his target with the accuracy that can clean the wick off a candle. He can easily use this to wrap around a target’s body to constrict and crush them with great force; or fling them into objects or the ground for excruciating pain. He has even been seen using this whip to latch onto object to save himself from a fall, or to swing himself around and object and use the momentum from a more powerful hit. This is also his go to technique when assisting his guards in keeping inmates in line, as the crack of the whip itself is intimidation enough. The sound it makes strikes fear into those around him and silence any conversation.
  • Light Body (明り体, Akari Karada): While performing this relatively complex and useful technique, Akito integrates her Light Ki into his flesh and fuses it with his body. In doing so, he becomes a mass of photon particles. Once she has shifted into this form, he gains the signature intangibility of the elemental Ki users, which allows Akito to let physical and magical attacks pass harmlessly through his body while he is transformed. This form also grants Akito some traits typical of light; capable of freely moving around at light speed, being able to travel long distances and rapidly appearing at his destination as if he was teleporting. This can act as a boost to his physical attacks as well, in which he will typically shift into his photon form and travel with an insanely high velocity to his target, shifting back a mere second prior to impact. This will give his punch an amazing amount of force behind it, capable of shattering bones or concrete, as long as he reinforces and protects his arm with Ki prior to contact with his target.
  • Veiled Body (隠す体 Kakusu Karada): One of his most useful abilities to the novice mages who don’t have as well developed sense of magic detection, Akito is able to refract the light particles around his body, effectively gives off the illusion that he is invisible. This is because no light particles bounce off of his body; rather they are emitting a wavelength to reflect that of what is behind him, taking advantage of the refractive properties light offers. This allows him to obtain the element of surprise, or escape from a difficult situation, without his enemy visibly detecting him. This does take up a lot of focus and energy to stay in this form, and so he only has 12 seconds before it begins to take a deeper toll on his Ki level. But given his speed and agility, this is more than enough time to be able to land a substantial hit, or escape to better cover.
  • Luminous Cloak (発光マント Hakkō Manto): Akito coats himself in a shroud of light that increases the damage of his attacks, as well as greatly increases his endurance, and even his speed slightly. This is due to the light being emitted and recycled into his aura that gathers up ambient Ki to bring into her body and replenish his muscles more rapidly. His speed has been noted to increase two fold, giving the appearance that he is merely floating on the earth, for the light being emitted from him allows him to simply glide over the earth, lowering resistance, and increasing speed. When wearing this cloak the light given off by the shroud can help blind the enemy, making it extremely useful, especially in close combat. The photo-bleaching of the opponent’s eyes can last for over 2 minutes depending on the exposure, and direct visual contact with the cloak for over 3 minutes can cause permanent retinal damage. Although those who have an affinity towards Light or Electricity Manipulation are immune to its visual effects, as the Ki that flows through their body has altered the physiology of their rods and cones, making it possible to withstand such intense lumens. An added benefit of this form is the resistance to light based attacks, as they become integrated with the luminous cloak, reinforcing its properties. The strength of a punch in this light clad form is able to easily break through brick, stone, and weaker metals; but given the output of Ki into the cloak, the power of a mages physical skill can be increased.
  • Light Clone (クローン Kurōn): A highly advanced technique for that of a Light Manipulation user, this technique allows the caster to construct an almost identical clone of themselves made out of Ki. Akin to the ninja way of Shadow Clone Jutsu, a mage will have to expend a great deal of Ki to give shape to a human body. The clone is able to perform physical techniques and interact with the environment due to it having physical substance, and has a Ki network as an exact replica of Akito, giving it the ability to perform known techniques as well. The clone itself is not of its own free will, but is instead directed by original by fluctuating the Ki output of the clone’s construct. Akito can even send his consciousness through to the clone to give it the ability to speak, but this leaves the original body open to attack as one’s mind cannot be in two bodies at the same time. This is why Akito will generally hide his real body and send his consciousness to the clone to help use it to assess his targets abilities before getting injured himself. Typically used in combination for a close range, omnidirectional attack, a clone’s maneuverability and power can be highly advanced depending on the skill of the caster. But this is all dependent upon the control of the caster and how well they can keep the clone in their line of vision, because without seeing the environment the clone is inhabiting, their movements would see inorganic and tip off their opponent to the likes of a clone. This technique can be used for more than one clone, however, it will evenly distributes the user's Ki between each clone, which comes at a cost of weakening the overall effectiveness of the clone and expend a great deal of energy. If the clone is seriously injured, it will revert to its natural light-state, at the same time blinding whatever opponent dealt such damage. Akito has used this as a trap himself, as he will use the clone to latch on to his target and then stab himself in the chest to cause the clone to revert and blind his enemy. Another great benefit of this is that a small portion of Ki from the clone is returned to Akito’s body, in which his brain will process the information gathered by the clone. This can help a great deal with intel and even with training on a new technique. As the time to master a technique can be halved if using a clone.
  • Shining Impact (輝く衝撃 Kagayaku shōgeki): Akito engulfs his entire body in a whitish-gold light, expelling and circulating ambient photons at a faster rate than normal to coat himself in a dense, oscillating light that ferociously wears away at a surface like a high powered water jet against a cliff. He then channels a great deal into his feet to give him a high speed boost as he propels herself towards his opponent, hitting them with a powerful headbutt. He protects his head from any damage by shifting to coat his head in a lining of Ki to be the thickest at the point of impact, allowing it to absorb the energy and expel it out the back to further propel him forwards. Akito then halts the propulsion from beneath his feet to plant himself underneath the bent over opponent and release all the light in his coat to send the enemy flying up in the air. This huge release of magical pressure can launch a target about 10 feet in the air; giving Akito enough time to generate another attack, typically Illuminating Whip, to slam his target back into the ground with great force. 
  • Light Wings (ライトウイング Raitouingu): By sending greater amounts of Ki to the space around his should blades, Akito is capable of releasing it out and molding it into large wings made of light that can be used for multiple purposes such as attacking, defending and of course flying; he is also able to use ambient photon manipulation if he has the freedom to. Akito is capable of moving these wings by flexing and relaxing the muscles in his back alongside a variance in Ki output to give him added thrust. A bonus is that he is able to mold and release “feathers” from these wings that he can shoot forward at an opponent to overwhelm them with destructive, high frequency light that releases a small explosion on impact. The wings are also incredibly durable and quite difficult to destroy, making them a great shield due to their dense photon oscillation. This mode of transportation allows him to travel distances relatively fast; moving at speeds up to 90 km per hour, similar to that of the fastest bird alive. Previously, Akito was unable to master the art of this spell and could only use it for a short period of time. He had trouble controlling the amount of magical energy given to each wing individually, causing him to give one wing an uneven amount of Ki, making him unable to fly properly. He has focused hard on perfecting this mode of transportation and is now able to hold it for about an hour uninterrupted, or 25 minutes during battle where his Ki is taken away by other techniques.  
  • Photon Shield (光の遮蔽 Hikari no Shahei):  One of his most practices skills, and the technique that his father would drill him on the most, Photon Shield serves as Akito’s highly used defense. By manipulating the light particles in the air and combining them with his own Ki, Akito is able to construct a highly durable hexagonal shield that can span around 120 square foot area. This technique is immovable to those without photokinesis, but to Akito it is a freestanding shield that he can easily use in conjunction with his movements to help block incoming attacks. It’s Ki frequency and molecular density is so high that very few magic attacks are able to pierce it’s construct on the first hit. Though those of highly skilled manipulation have been seen cracking it through the use of a very powerful attack. Needless to say, that repeated hits will eventually cause it to crack and shatter, leaving Akito with little time to construct a new one. He generally has a refractory period of ten seconds before he can effectively create a shield of a suitable thickness. Once created his technique can last for a time of twenty seconds to two minutes, dependent on the size and thickness of the shield and how dense the photons Akito chooses to devote to keeping its structure intact. Though generally used to block incoming attacks from opponents, these photon shields can be used in many other ways, such as trapping his foes, using them as a means to limit his opponent’s movements, or even as a creation to aid in travelling over areas where there is no solid earth beneath. A unique variance of his Photon Shield has been developed after witnessing the reflective abilities of Ice Manipulator’s barriers. By altering the shape and elasticity of his Ki construct, Akito is able to simply “bounce back” an offensive attack back at his opponent. This only works for techniques constructed out of Ki, and won’t working with objects like knives and swords, but has the means to redirect projectiles with this highly elastic shield. This Photon Bungee Shield (フォトンバンジーシールド Fotonbanjīshīrudo) is something Akito can only do on a small scale currently, as it takes a great deal of concentration to manipulate his Ki into something with elastic properties, so omnidirectional or surprise attacks generally are not combated with this shield variation.
  • Static Discharge (静電放電 Seiden Hōden): More of a Ki ability, rather than a Light Manipulation ability, Akito will first build up Ki in his core and then slowly expanding his aura at a high molecular vibration, only to pull it back towards his core once more. Static electricity is then generated by the vibrational friction caused between the Ki particles in his aura, and the molecules in the air. The molecules of the two materials of different composition tend to stick together on contact due to a form of chemical reaction. This is very close to a chemical bond; the adjacent dissimilar molecules exchange electrons. And when one material is physically moved away from the other, such as the condensing of Ki back into Akito’s core, it is regarded as friction. The result is that excess electrons are left behind in one material, while a deficit occurs in the other. With the air having developed a slight charge, Akito releases the stored Ki energy from inside him, causing the previously charged air molecules to become electrically overstress and come alive with streams of lightning going off in all directions. Depending on how long Akito collects radiant Ki, the reach of this spell is positively correlated. A typical discharge with a collection period of 5 seconds will reach a radius of 10 feet, while doubling that time will double the reach. A user’s body can only store such energy for a given amount of time however, and so the maximum reach of this spell tops out at a charging time of 160 seconds, with a reach of 320 feet. The epicenter of this attack, with a 15 foot radius, will yield the most devastating damage; while to outer rim will only cause little discomfort, described to feel like the shock that occurs when you rub your feet on the rug and touch another surface.
  • Double Sight (光幻 (ダブル・サイト), Daburu Saito lit. Light Illusion): When performing Double Sight, the user intensifies their light, releasing a burst of pure photonic energy that covers the immediate vicinity for the smallest of moment- the sheer amount of light unleashed causes a shift in the atmosphere, causing illusions all around. When the light settles in a matter of seconds, anyone in the area will see two or more doubles of the caster- this is because Double Sight is an all-around illusion-casting spell that affects the area around the user, blurring the light in the area so that everyone will see double. Generally, the illusions manifested by Double Sight are completely indistinguishable from the real thing to the naked eye and simple sensory-type magic, though those who have dealt with illusionists before can distinguish the two. While it is possible to manifest more than simple copies of the user and perhaps their allies, it is the easiest to perform. The user can also use Double Sight in conjunction with their spells and attacks, allowing them to mix up the fake with the real, allowing them to hold up enemies and create greater opportunities to launch their own attacks, causing feints of a sort to distract the opponent from the real deal. Even so, Double Sight requires a considerable amount of mental focus in order to continue stabilizing the illusions, even moreso per fake manifested, making it extremely difficult to sustain for longer than a few seconds per spell cast, though it does not cost much magical energy.  
  • Lumen Grid (ルーメングリッド, Rūmenguriddo): Placing a magic circle out in front of her, Theia releases a tight grid pattern made out of light. This grid can expand to cover an area of 35 square feet, with each individual square making up 2 square inches. This is one of the more Ki expensing spells as the individual squares are sealed with pure Ki to solidify the construct of this grid. Meaning that Akito, at maximum capacity, can only give form to this spell for around 30 minutes. The amount of time greatly decreases as the battle progresses, making it only capable of defending off a short burst attack, rather than a steady stream of attacks. The moment that an offending attack comes into contact with the grid it acts like an elastic net and bounces the foe's power back at them at such a speed that it seems that Akito had cast it himself. This is due to the high resonant frequency of the Ki, causing it to vibrate at such speeds that the interaction of the energy clouds emitted by the Ki particles will keep them held together, but still allow them to stretch and recoil back into their original form. It is able to affect physical as well as projectile attacks of both magic or non-magic origin, so much as they are within the scope of this spell and an adequate amount of Ki was put into the spell to reinforce it. It is the utmost highest in defensive spell in the proper hands, but should the magical energy of the opponent overwhelm the caster, the Lumen Grid will merely shatter, but can slow down the attack enough for the caster to get out of the way. This can act as either an offensive trap, or a defensive wall, making it a very versatile attack. In Akito’s case the luminous lines that make up the grid pattern have the capability of blinding those who look at her attack, also distracting them from the counter attack.
  • Infrared (光霊気感 (インフレアド), Infureaedo lit. Light Aura Sense): By using Infrared, the user is capable of focusing and expanding their light, albeit in a non-offensive measure, focusing it into their own Magical Aura and subsequently, their sight, enabling them to perceive the infrared spectrum, a type of electromagnetic radiation; which serves as an alternate sensory ability of sorts. With Infrared, the user can visualize temperature variations in the immediate vicinity, including those within objects and in the environment. This technique is incredibly useful for observation, and as stated above, can serve as an alternate version of sensory techniques, as the user is capable of observing the heat presences of everyone around them, which can change at any time, alerting them of any shift in emotions, stamina, health, or magical power. Infrared can also be utilized as a form of night vision, allowing them to sense radiation that would normally be invisible to anyone else.

Soul RepealEdit

No longer human

Soul Repeal (魂の廃止 Tamashī no Haishi) is one of the rarest and most sought after abilities in the realm of corrections, as it essentially allows for the nullification of any Ki-based ability, turning the target back into a typical human for far easier handling. The way this ability works is still being researched, though many have claimed that it comes about through the expert manipulation of Ki. This ability can only come about through direct contact with a person or their ability’s emission, and allows for the instant reversal of such ability. This ability works rather innately, not requiring any special incantation or motion to protect its user, and will even work when the user is chained up or detained. This only protects them against the damage inflicted by superhuman abilities, however, and will not protect them against a physical hit or normal weaponry.

A theory as to how the ability would work come from the unique frequency and coding used to create the Ki emitted by user. This Ki is created through coding that appears similar to that of the Ki’s telomerase, or the enzyme responsible for the removal of codons from the Ki’s molecular construct. When the Soul Repeal Ki comes in contact with any other substance that holds kinogium within it, it will break the bonds between the substance, eliminating any effects or creations that were formed using Ki. This Ki’s unique coding will allow it to work on both projectile attacks and physical manipulation attacks; such as an embodiment of a creature, or physical enhancements made using Ki.

Aside from the downfall that this ability only works on Ki based attacks, and would no protect the person against a physical punch or weapon, this ability seems to have difficulty with telekinetic-based abilities. If a person were to use telekinetic powers to move an already existing object or molecule, the Soul Repeal would not be able to nullify the attack without physical contact on the target to stop the telekinetic effects at its source. This means that if someone were to manipulate flames from a lighter, a Soul Repeal user would not be able to nullify a fireball without touching the fire user’s body. But if someone were to generate a fireball from their body using their Ki, the repeal would still function and eliminate the flames before it could touch the Soul Repeal user.

  • At Ease (安心できる Anshindekiru): Though not entirely classified as a technique, this practice allows Akito to extend the reach of his Soul Repeal a few feet as to avoid any potential for damage, should he wait until the ability is nullified upon contact with his skin. To begin Akito will manipulate his Ki to flow towards the desired body part, typically his hands, before compressing it in a single point in space and utilizing his Ki transformation techniques to shift it into a ball. Condensing and shaping the mass of Ki does not take more than a second before it is able to grow into the size of a basketball at the start. By utilizing various Ki manipulation techniques, as well as altering the amount of Ki present in the technique, Akito is able to extend his reach up to twenty feet at maximum before his Ki begins to lose shape and cohesion. Though Akito is able to shift his Ki into various forms, such as orbs and beams, his Ki cannot lose contact with his body or else it is unable to hold the unique properties of Soul Repeal. Akito has seen that if he were to try and throw his ball of Ki at an opponent, it will only have the effects of a general energy technique; still capable of doing damage, but does not hold it's dispelling properties.

Physical AbilitiesEdit

Akito Sword Action

Expert Swordsmanship: A world class swordsman, Akito is known throughout Japan, and throughout Nanba Prison, for his inventive style and skill with a blade. He rather excels when it comes to using dual-weapons, even multiplying this classification to allow for more use of his seven blades. With the sword he has shown that he is incredibly skilled in the one handed grip, the style that comes with the use of multiple blades, but he does not lose a significant amount of power when compared to that of the traditional two handed grip. He is able to swing his weapons in an incredible fast manner, using his reflexes and speed to the fullest, moving fluidly and gracefully to block and strike down any enemy in his path. When coupled with his speed he is able to unleashed swift strikes, often attacking in such an aggressive manner that his opponent is unable to retaliate or deflect all of the powerful blows. His defenses when blocking seems unmatched as well, for his speed at manipulating his weapons has even been able to deflect bullets and projectile from an enemy target; something he has even practice doing in his free time with the use of an automatic firing gun equipped with rubber bullets. Utilizing evasion techniques, with effortless counterattacks, Akito tends to use his speed to overwhelm the opponent and create an opening for himself.

His power with a weapon is able to produce shockwaves from his strikes, giving him tremendous cutting power capable of effortlessly slicing through defenses while pushing enemies to their absolute limits. His attacks are typically that with a large, quick, sweeping movements, using his sword to cleave through opponents with every strike. In order to draw his enemies in to allow for the use of this power, he is noted to have a very unorthodox fighting stance with his blades at times. He will bend his knees and will separate his feet at a shoulder distance to make him a bit smaller and wider. He will keep a front face to the opponent, rather than the convention side face, making him appear to be a larger target to the enemy. However this opening stance is only meant to entice many enemies to rush in after seeing the broad target Akito makes of himself. Due to the enhancements of his Ki in giving him unimaginable speed and reflexes, Akito is easily able to switch from his front stance to a more orthodox stance in a matter of milliseconds, easily getting in a swift hit on his approaching enemy before he begins his execution. This taunting maneuver of his stance is more of a psychological attack, as it gets his opponent into a false sense of security, luring them into what could easily become a mass of lacerations from this renowned swordsman.

  • Iaijutsu: One of the principle sword techniques Akito has at his disposal, this technique is by far his most proficient. Iaijutsu is a combative sword-drawing art, but not necessarily an aggressive art, because iaijutsu is also a counterattack-oriented art. Iaijutsu technique may be used aggressively to wage a premeditated surprise attack against an unsuspecting enemy. It comes into play when striking an opponent, flicking blood from the blade, and then re-sheathing the blade with one fluidly controlled movement. The style is dominated by the philosophy that a single, perfect cut was all one needed to be victorious in combat. The secondary emphasis was on drawing the sword and attacking as quickly as possible. Starting positions could be from combative postures or from everyday sitting or standing positions, allowing Akito to attack from a variety of stances and get in a cut to make his point without an obvious draw of his blade.
  • Jikishinkage-ryū: This is mainly learned to teach a user footwork and breathing, and was taught to Akito at a very young age as a principal in his swordmanship. The footwork used in the Jikishinkage-ryū style and can be translated as law, rule, or method for transporting, conveying or carrying his sword. It is stressed that both feet stay firmly planted on the ground at all times. The kiai consists not only of the shouting, like most martial arts, but of the proper way of inhaling and state of mind as well. Every kata, or sword form, has two distinct roles called uchidachi, the striking/attacking sword, and shidachi, the doing/receiving sword. Roughly, Akito draws a semicircle, either upwards or downwards, with both his right hand (holding the sword), and his left hand (free). He finishes the movement with his arms extended, the sword pointing upwards, and the free hand's index finger pointing downwards. This move represent all the things in heaven and all the things in earth, and the practitioner in the center of everything. Another typical technique is both arms movement in which uchidachi raises with both arms and receives the subsequent uchikomi with the side of the blade. This results in thrusting the left arm forwards and turning both arms outwards to allow to absorb shidachi's cut which is in kiritsuki style like performed by a kaishakunin.
  • Hokushin Ittō-ryū: Hokushin Ittō-ryū is a very intense dueling style, which focuses on simple and fast techniques where no unnecessary movements are made. Controlling the enemy’s center line with the Kiri-Otoshi and dominating him with extremely fast tsuki-waza are the signature techniques of this ryūha. The principles of this style are that a perfect technique should contain defense and offense in one action. Another trait is the use of a specific posture where the left foot is in front and the point of the sword is directed in an angular fashion to the right and back. This posture makes it possible to deliver a very strong first strike to delve into the flesh of his opponent. If such an attack is done correctly it will overcome an opponent with a single stroke; a technique used by Akito in several of his matches. The technique is very difficult to master and requires training for years, though through intense dedication, Akito was able to master the stance and delivery in a mere two years after instruction.
  • Deflection Style:
  • Blooming Lotus Style:

Enormous Strength: Perhaps his most astonishing physical attribute, aside from his speed, is the fact that Akito possesses a truly monstrous level of strength; strength to such a degree that it was thought to require no less than 40 years to achieve such status without the use of mechanical enhancements. When coupled with his highly verbose skills in martial arts, he is able to generate hits with such force that it can fracture bones and even knock a person unconscious. This comes from his ability to suppress the inhibition signals that comes with using his muscles, enabling him to use a larger fraction of his muscles potential when lifting or hitting. When it comes to static lifting, he maxes out around 265 kilograms (585 lbs) with an overhead lift, earning him the current world record in lifting by a little over a kilogram. Though his muscles do not seem to be the most prominent in terms of size, Akito is able to activate a greater portion of muscle fibers during his lifts and swings, giving him a greater output of force. His body has adjusted to such strain and helps prevent him from tearing these fibers during exercise, allowing him to outperform elite athletes without the fear of damaging his body. But what really sets him apart in terms of strength comes from the amount of force he is able to put behind a blow; something that dwarfs the most skilled of professional fighters. A professional boxer is able to put out 5,000 newtons of force at maximum with a punch, something that can immediate cause contusions for those who have not trained their body to withstand such force, but Akito is able to up this output by around 40% due to his unique physiology, giving his punches around 7,000 newtons of force behind them when conditions are right and he is able to unleash his full strength. When it comes to kicks his body is able to generate ever greater force since there is more body mass behind it, being able to get a maximum output of 9,700 newtons, which is roughly equal to a ton of force. For comparison on his strength, a quick sharp blow of around 3,300 newtons of force has a 25 percent chance of cracking an average person’s rib; and around 4,000 newtons of force would be needed to crack a person’s femur, the strongest bone in the body. It is this comparison that makes the maximum output of Akito’s strength truly frightful, as he could easily break bones with just a glancing blow of his fist. This strength also allows him to knock someone unconscious fairly easily, as with a punch, the shear forces from a strike can whip the head back will stress out neurons and cause the brain to shut down as a protective response. With a clean, moderate punch, Akito is able to give the head enough spin to go from 0 to 43,000 rpm in just one second, which gives him a 25 percent chance of knocking someone unconscious. Should he have a clean punch using his maximum strength, a person would undoubtedly be knocked out for several minutes, and perhaps hours. It is this fearsome statistic that makes Akito one of the most fearsome of warden’s in Nanba Prison.

Akito Block

Extreme Speed and Reaction Time: His cardiovascular and respiratory systems have become far more efficient than those of a normal human due to repetitive training and conditioning. The chemical processes within his muscles are so highly enhanced and efficient that his body does not produce lactic acid or other harmful byproducts of respiration, or rather, it produces so little of it that it is almost negligible. His joints are smoother and lubricated more efficiently, as well as increased tensile strength on his tendons and muscle fibers to better suit that of high speed exertion; preventing him from getting injured due to the strain the high speeds potentially on certain places on his body. Even without the aid of his Ki for fuel for his running, he is able to travel 100 meters in a matter of 4.74 seconds, nearly twice the maximum capable speed of the most elite runners. Using his Ki as a potential fuel source helps him offset the increased energy requirement required to shift his weight load so quickly. His speed is one of his most formidable abilities, giving him the power to quickly subdue his opponent and counter any possible attack sent his way. The maximum limit of his speed has yet to be tested, but some believe that he would be able to keep up with a sports car for a great deal of time. However, one of the most formidable traits of his speed, is his ability to stop on a dime and change direction. This nearly instantaneous shift in direction, requires a great deal of force to help move his momentum, something that puts a great deal of strain on his legs and internal blood flow. Though tests have shown that Akito has the perseverance of a fighter pilot when it comes to the force of speed put on his body. His body is capable of withstanding the immense pressure put on his vessels during his high speed travel, preventing him from collapsing when his blood flow is shunted away from his brain during something like a running jump. When put through a G-simulator, Akito was able to withstand a staggering 46.2 g’s before passing out, when the machine was accelerated to 632 mph in less than five seconds, and the subsequently stopped in just one second. His thalamus is also highly developed and has shown super-threshold afferent and efferent innervation, especially to the eye, ear, nose, and somatosensors, thus increasing the ability of his central nervous system to receive and integrate external sensory stimuli. This increased perception time has given him a reaction time of 0.047; a time twice that of the average human.

Innate SkillsEdit

Gifted Intelligence:Even from a young age, Akito was always one to take his studies seriously. Breezing through subjects like math, English, and science, his father had always been impressed with his sons ability to retain information and recall it at a moments notice. Akito had always been fascinated by the books in his family's library on military strategy and human psychology, spending hours reading into the night. Akito would attribute this passion for reading and the invigorating subjects that lined the shelves of his father's study to be the push that sent him into studying Criminal Psychology.

At a young age, after excelling through his high school, Akito was accepted into the Psychology program at Kyoto University. He flew through his undergrad program, earning spots on the Dean's List and a 4.0 GPA, getting him accepted into the Master's Program there as well so that he could pursue his passion in Criminal Psychology. This program taught him how to focus on understanding the psychological motivations that occur behind any given crime, and help determine the criminals reason for committing the crime. Even in his Master's program, Akito was allowed to evaluate crime scenes and evidence to piece together a profile on the criminal that was used in court frequently. His accuracy in creating a psychological profile from even the smallest pieces of evidence made him highly demanded from the local police, despite still being in university. Unfortunately for the police department, Akito would not carry his skills over to them upon graduation, and instead tried his hand at a far more mentally valuable institution: the CLAS-16 base.

Once joining the elite ranks of CLAS-16, Akito was pushed into courses that gave him physical strength, as well as mental acuity. One of the most useful skills Akito found out of this, aside from the military tactics courses, was the medical skills he was taught. Akito was skillfully trained in the art of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), giving him the knowledge to perform preventative treatment under fire, as well as without proper medical equipment. Because 90% of combat deaths occur on the battlefield before the casualty ever reaches a medical treatment facility, Akito sure to study all he can of human anatomy and physiology to better provide for his men on the battlefield. His knowledge of the human psyche also let him keep his patients calm and level headed despite their injuries. On record, Akito has been trained in the following courses: Basic Life Support/Automatic External Defibrillation (AED); pharmaceutical calculations; anatomy; physiology; pathophysiology; medical terminology; basic physical exam techniques; medical documentation; pharmacology; basic airway management; medical patient assessment; advanced airway management; pre-hospital trauma emergencies and care; tactical combat casualty care skills; minor surgical skills; obstetrics/gynecology and pediatric emergencies; cardiac pharmacology; and Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS). Applying this knowledge under fire showed that Akito was able to handle an immense amount of stress calmly, allowing him to recall procedural techniques easily.

From the midst of the battlefield, Akito is very calm and rational when it comes to analyzing his opponents movement and their use in magic. He effectively analyzes and remembers the motions of his opponent to allowing him to plan his next move accordingly and exploit the weakness of his enemy. Akito is able to easily judge their combat style based on eye movement, body language, and verbal communication; using this information to deduce the most appropriate plan of action. This way he can intentionally take control of their path of travel and awareness by manipulating his own actions to subtly direct others in the way he wants them to go. It is this kind of mental manipulation that allows him to fight on par with even that of the most devious of criminals, taking advantage of the way the human mind processes information. Therefore, Akito is predetermined on changing how the battle scenario plays out from the moment it starts, sabotaging his opponents' playing field and ability to counter him in battle.

He is highly observant and analytical, and judging from how quickly he can analyze an opponent's power and attack patterns, most maneuvers are ultimately useless against in due time. He is capable of performing a calm analysis of battle conditions, even when in danger, and deduce an appropriate course of action after considering all possibilities to successfully execute his target. This skill can also translate into easily pinpointing weaknesses and quickly calculate new battle plans as the fight is taking place. This is in part due to his great instincts and intuition which allows him to quickly become aware of his surroundings and react to incoming danger in time. In addition to his incredible tactical prowess, he is also shown to be a very perceptive; being able to deduce a person’s true motives and intentions by thoroughly observing their individual patterns, personality traits and characteristics.

Akito Fight

Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combat: While not as skilled in the art as he is with his weapons, his family did teach him proper techniques to be quite competent and deadly when unarmed. Akito has repeatedly shown his prowess in agility and speed, and when coupled with his impressive strength, his punches are unexpected and bruise-forming. Additionally, he is quite inventive—coming up with creative attacks on the spot to launch against his enemies, finding ways to use the targets own body against them. He can also change the flow of his fighting style, making it an aggressive and straight forward attack style, to fluid and acrobatic motions while using pinpoint accuracy and lethal strikes. Akito excels both in power, using strong and precise punches, such as power packed jabs or piercing uppercuts, to deal damaging blows to his opponents; but also puts a major emphasis on speed, agility, and ferocity by using head-height kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast punching techniques by utilizing the whole upper body and waist rotation to maximize power, which increases impact force and damage. Once he catches an opponent in his combos, he keep them trapped by increasing the rate of his strikes in a seemingly unpredictable manner, not allowing his opponents a chance to block or counterattack. He has even taken in the techniques of sumo wrestlers, called Nekodamashi, to help disrupt the rhythm of defense for his opponent, creating opening for subsequent blows to land. Akito movements are consistently changing in such as quick manner that even the most observant of opponents have trouble following and blocking his hits. Due to Akito's main reliance on his blade, he does not feel the need to employ hand to hand combat often, and will only use these techniques when evading blows, as he has a sophisticated understanding of how the body moves in various styles of combat due to his extensive training in the area.

Impressive Stamina and Endurance: When studied his muscles were shown to express extensive and continual neovascularization and increased mitochondrial proliferation, accelerating both short-duration and long-duration muscular contraction by capillary perfusion and readily available creatine phosphate. This ideal physiology grants him greater stamina, allowing him to operate at peak capacity for several hours without fatigue or assistance from his Ki. This has been obtained through countless years of high intensity interval training at various altitudes and conditions to expose his body to various environments to help shape it into that of an elite athlete. This training has also greatly affected his heart in a way that the size of his left ventricle is far greater than that of an average human; greatly increasing his stroke volume and cardiac output, allowing for him to send more hemoglobin rich blood to transport oxygen to his muscles and increase his endurance. When functioning at high intensities, such as during his sparing session with his guards, this comes in great help as this endurance training has helped his body maximize the efficiency in both his aerobic and anaerobic metabolism. This means that his body has an efficient metabolic cycle that can prevent muscle depolarization and can help keep up with the production of lactic acid that causes post exercise fatigue. His body will be able to stand a high level of exertion, such as long distance running, for a total of 12 hours without the need for a break. Akito thinks that he could potentially run for three days straight without feeling tired, with a speed of about 6.5 meters per second (14.5 mph), if he were to truly push his body to its limits without sleep. But is this endurance and stamina that allows him to outlast even the most conditioned of foes, and will prevent him from missing a step in combat due to physical or mental fatigue.

Keen Body Regulation: Akito has been known to control his breathing and heart rate to that of an arctic free diver. Being part of CLAS-16, soldiers are expected to be able to regulate their breathing and body temperate to withstand the potential problems that would arise in the environments that the special operations organization is named after. One trick that he has learned is the ability to induce the mammalian diving reflex, which happens when your face is submerged in cold water, outer blood vessels constrict, directing blood away from the extremities and towards the heart and brain. The heart rate slows, reducing the rate at which oxygen is pumped around the body. By controlling his muscle contractions and his mammalian diving reflex, he is even able to survive in cold environments for an extended period of time by directing blood flow to his core. With training, Akito became an experienced breath-holders by being able to drop his heart rate by twice that of non-divers upon immersion in cold environments. He is now able to hold his breath for 11 minutes and 24 seconds in a stationary breath-holding competition, something that is also known as “static apnoea”. This also comes from the induced hyperventilation that allows him to perform a prolonged breath hold. This is because the brain monitors the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood to decide when to trigger the gasp reflex. Purging this carbon dioxide with rapid deep breathing increases how long you can go before the urge to gasp becomes irresistible. And his large lungs is a natural advantage, which can allow him to survive underwater, in toxic gas environments, or in high altitudes far longer than that of an untrained individual.

Enhanced Durability: His joints and bone structure have adapted to such strain he puts on his body, as the cells within his joints produce a higher amount of hyaluronic acid, lubricin, proteinases, and collagenases to increase the replacement of synovial fluid at an unimaginable rate. This helps cushion impacts on the skeleton, preventing Akito from suffering severe damage during hits far greater than that of the layman. His body has also undergone extreme ossification of his bones due to the weight pushed upon them from constant training, allowing his body to act as a physical shield against the force of his opponent punches and kicks. This enhanced structure makes him resistant to blunt force trauma and allows him to fight beings with superior strength without being instantly decimated. This increased density allows him to withstand 5,000 Newtons (1,125 lbs) of force, that of a professional boxer’s hardest punch, without breaking; or even withstand the kick of a professional kickboxer, clocking in at a max of 9,000 Newtons, with only heavy bruising. One of the surprising factors of his durability comes from his mental clarity. He is able to prevent the tensing of his muscles and joints during a fall or incoming blow; the flexibility helping to cushion the impact on the spinal column, joints, brain, and internal organs. This mental control allows him to walk away rather unscathed from being thrown into a wall, or falling from a few stories up with the extent of only a broken bone or two.


Swords of the Shinchi FujukinEdit

Akito Light Sword

The Swords of the Shinchi Fujukin (七福神の剣, Shinchi Fujukin no Ken) are a collection of seven noble swords named after the Seven Gods of Fortune: Hotei, Jurōjin, Fukurokuju, Bishamonten, Benzaiten, Daikokuten, and Ebisu. They are a Dues Ex Ki Weapon that have been passed down the the leader of the Sugimori Family from generation to generation. Each sword has a unique spirit contracted with them that allow for the exhibition of unique Ki abilities that have given them notoriety throughout the world. Without regards to the hilt, each sword possesses a similar make up and special ability. The blade itself is a uniquely colored full tang blade made from high grade AISI 5160 steel; giving it a tough, durable, and corrosive resistant profile. It has been carefully heat treated to give it the maximum toughness, while staying true to it's 'spring steel' name and allowing superior flexibility in the blade to be able to absorb impacts. It is shaped with a hira niku blade design, or apple seed geometry, to give the blade durability against heavy targets, while still maintaining its sharpness. The blade is typically coated in a tinted Kinesium overlay, though some of the coating can be left in its normal red tint to add decoration to the blade's design. Because of the material used to construct the blade, it is able to take the kinetic energy transferred by the molecules and store it within the Kinesium molecules of the blade. Although unnoticeable to the human eye, each blade actually has a thicker coating of Kinesium at two points in his blade to better store the energy where it occurs most naturally. The first point of thickness rests at the vibrational node, located near the tip of the blade, because this is one of the fundamental flexural vibration zones within a sword that typically vibrates during a strike. The second is located near the hilt of the blade to absorb radiant percussive energy that would generally travel down the blade and cause a slight stinging of the hands. Because of this feature the wielder feels little to no sting when hitting rather tough substances. This feature can also serve as an offensive tool as well, as the kinetic energy stored within the blade can be expelled by sending a pulse of Ki with enough speed to separate the molecules within the coating and release the kinetic energy stored within. This feature is actually it’s greatest downfall, as this ability only relates to attacks with solid kinetic force, such as bullets, blades, physical hits, and other projectiles; this ability does not work with Ki constructs. The blade is also able to withstand wear and tear by having the Kinesium molecules absorb Ki which is used to shift the molecules on the edge of the blade, allowing the sword to alter its shape to prevent dullness from problems such as abrasion, rolled edge, flatted edge, chipped edge, and corrosion. Each sword has the ability to change size as well, allowing the wielder to easily carry the sword in a small sheath on their hip for quick draw; or to stick with the traditional length of a sword for a more practiced draw. The sword requires little Ki to alter its shape, and can also use mechanical features to alter size upon the user's command, making it classified as somewhat of a Stat Change Ki Weapon. Keeping it minimized it will hold it's blade size around six inches, with the total length being that of a single foot. It can alter its size in a matter of .5 seconds up to its normal blade length of forty three inches, but in double the time in can reach its maximum blade length of eighty three inches. When coupled with its kinetic qualities and durable design, each sword is highly useful for any swordsman.

Cape of Fudō MyōōEdit

Akito cape

This cape is another family heirloom that was passed down to him by his father upon achievement of commander in the CLAS-16 ranks. This cape is a black polyblend elastique fabric with a red satin lining and wool nap back. The cape has two front gun flaps with the same gold trim that makes up his uniform, and leads up to a high rise collar on the cape. The cape’s back has a central split up the middle to allow for better movement and decreased wrinkles when Akito walks. One of the most significant aesthetic features of the cape is the gold paulettes fastened by a shoulder strap and a button near the collar of the cape. There is a gold crescent that connects the shoulder piece to the fringe that circles the paulettes. On top of the paulettes is a pin in the center of his family’s crest, as well as a surrounding depiction in gold of the karura flames and Sanskrit symbol that show its blessing by the deity for which it is named after. Fudo Myoo is a protective deity, that also goes by the name of Acala, who protects all by burning away all impediments and defilements, thus aiding his followers towards enlightenment. The symbol that appears on the paulettes is hāṃ हां, conventionally transliterated kān (カーン), which is said to represent Acala. This symbol appeared on the cape when his ancestors were blessed with the appearance of the wisdom king after hours of devoted prayer in their time of need. Akito’s ancestors prayed for the protection from perjury and slaughter when the Sugimori Clan refused to come to the aid of the current emperor, who tasked them with the murder of innocent children of the slums to make room for the expansion of his castle. Acala saw great wisdom in the actions of the Sugimori Clan, and so he had enchanted the cape of the family’s strongest warrior with divine protection, to aid him in the defense of his family. The guardian deities blessing allowed the Sugimori member to stop any sword, bullet, or attack that came his way as long as the cape was there to shield him; and this allowed him to defend his family’s honor and escape persecution from the emperor. From then on, the cape has been passed down to the most elite warrior of the Sugimori Clan so that they can be there to defend the family’s name and honor, should the need arise.

Other EquipmentEdit

Akito Razor Nunchuck

Something that Akito keeps in his pocket at all times, this token was given to him by his commander in CLAS-16 at the completion of his training, serving to shave his head for the traditional military cut. After his completion of his service, he kept the razor as a reminder of his training and steadfast motto to protect the people. The razor itself is made of Sheffield steel, a highly polished steel, also known as 'Sheffield silver steel' and famous for its deep gloss finish, is considered a superior quality steel. The narrow end of the blade rotates on a pin, between the two protective pieces of the handle. The upward curved metal end of the narrow part of the blade beyond the pivot is called the tang, and acts as a lever to help raise the blade from the handle. The handle is decorated in ivory plating to give it a regal shine.


  • His appearance is based on Shogo Makishima from Psycho-Pass, as well as Christopher Valzelide from Silverio Vendetta.