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Artificial Equipment



Jinkō kiki



Artificial Equipment (人工機器 Jinkō kiki): is the general term used for tools or equipment that has been developed through the usage of Technology and Ki.


Artificial Equipment is, as the name implies, a type of equipment that's created and modified through the usage of both Technology and Ki, thus as it's not created from natural or necessary causes; contrived or arbitrary: it's labelled as an Artificial Equipment. The term of Artificial Equipment thus serves as a general term used for a wide range of the tools and or equipment used in today's era from the development of both Technology and Ki. As the knowledge for this subject expands more and more by each day, so too does the possibilities of the help and or harm it can cause to others, causing an interest for its creations from both criminals and govermental facilities alike.

The process from which a tool or equipment are created and labelled as an artificial equipment varies depending on the item at hand. Some artificial equipment can simply be made by infusing Ki into a scrap of paper while others are more complicated as the Ki has to be infused or combined using an external source for it to cause the necessary effect, such as unique metals and substances or the nervous system in the cases of limbs. But the fundamentals are still the same as the items in question have, as mentioned several times, been made through technological means and then infused with Ki as its internal source.


  • This page was created to give a general term used for tools or equipment that combines both Technology and Ki.