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Artificial Limbs



Jinkō shishi


Artificial Equipment



Artificial Limbs (人工四肢 Jinkō shishi): is a type of Artificial Equipment used in order to replace a limb for various purposes.


One of the most common types of artificial equipment are that of the artificial limbs, creations made to replace a lost and or damaged limb. It's also rather common to enhance these limbs by increasing their durability and strength or in the form of tools such as weapons or items that's used in their daily activities.

These limbs that can be elongated and manipulated with great dexterity are strapped and made into a part of wielder's own body, connected to the nervous system to be able to perform anything that you would be able to do with a normal hand. But just as the Ki inside of every persons body is circulated throughout the body in a network of specialized vessel, which is collectively known as the Ki Circulatory System, scientists has successfully managed to connect artificial limbs to this system without having damaged the Atmospheric Ki or any part of her Ki Circulatory System, making the wielders still able to perform their Ki as they could before. For these limbs to work then there are several components to integrate it into the body's function: Biosensors detect signals from the wielder's nervous or muscular systems. It then relays this information to the Ki Circulatory System, serving as a form of controller, located inside the body, and processes feedback from the limb and actuator (e.g., position, force) and sends it to the Circulatory System. These limbs are strapped onto a type of actuator that was previously mentioned and built into wielder's body, making them serve almost like anchors, which the wielder is able to remove at any time given.


  • This page was created to give an explanation towards how artificial limbs works and how one might want to explain the limb's internal functions.