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Barrier Generation



Shōheki no Sōzō


Telekinetic Ability
Ki Ability



Barrier Generation (障壁の創造 Shōheki no Sōzō) is a highly defensive ability that comes from the manipulation and generation of force fields to push back offending attacks.


A classified as both a telekinetic ability and a Ki ability, this barrier generation is highly sought after for its defensive capabilities. For those who have only accessed the telekinetic capabilities of the barrier generation, they are able to use the energy of the particles around them to create “a wall of matter-less inertia”; as the given energy is capable of transferring its contained inertia onto the incoming object and effectively counteracting its own force. This will give the appearance of the incoming attack ceasing at the point of contained energy; although this has its limits as to what can be repelled. In order to keep an incoming energy at bay, the user must expel equal, or greater, the amount of energy to cancel out the two forces and repel the offending attack away from them. This can come at great physical exertion from the user if they are trying to sustain a telekinetic hold on the barrier to protect against an extended attack.

The stronger of the two types of barriers comes from those who are able to emit their Ki and form it into a suitable crystalline like construct. These Ki constructs are able to stand free floating, or be barred down to a surface, and do not require an steady output of energy after its initial creation; unlike that of the telekinetic precursor. They are also more durable, thanks to its tangible construct, allowing it to take on a far greater attack without being damaged. The crystalline structure also allows the barrier to be shaped into a variety of different shapes, ranging from circles, squares, domes, tetrahedrons, and various other constructs that are only limited by the user’s imagination and acute mental focus to bring the shape into being.

The user is capable of making their barriers grow or shrink by adjusting the amount of Ki put into a barrier, which can also be translated into the thickness of said barrier as well. This thickness and size is of great importance when going up against an attack, as it must have sufficient mass in order to stop an incoming force without the Ki molecular formation shattering under the pressure. This can also be translated to those who use their barriers as platforms; using advanced Ki manipulation techniques to help lift them into the air whilst they stand atop a self-made barrier. With their manipulation over their Ki they are also capable of using their barriers as a battering ram if thrown with sufficient force; giving it a small offensive purpose as well. But it’s strength and versatility under pressure makes it one of the most valuable defensive abilities Ki users have come across.