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Although this section does not get its own heading on the character page, it is still very important. This introduction is the basic outline of a character, and gives the reader an overview of what they will find if they keep reading. To start, you will write the character's name in bold, followed by the kanji and italicized romanji in parenthesis. After that, this intro can be simple and can include the character’s name, alias, occupation, and place of work; as well as any other details you wish to add. This can be things like: how he got his alias, a brief summary of his goal in life, or a quick look into his personality. Now this is just an introduction, so I would keep it less than 300 words if you can, or else you risk losing the reader because they will skip over such a wall of text.


Well this part seems pretty simple right? You are just laying down the physical appearance of what your character looks like, starting with the basic body descriptions: height, build, face shape, eye color, hair color, unique features like tattoos or scars, etc. Then you add in description of the clothes they wear, such as the difference between their work clothes and their casual clothes. That’ll get you the basic stuff you need for an appearance section, but you can always expand to give the reader a greater look at the character and who they are.

Try and think of how their lifestyle will affect their appearance. Is their profession or hobby something that would reflect on something such as their muscle mass? Or perhaps they had strict parents who conditioned them to carry themselves a certain way when they walk? All of these are things to consider when describing how they look and interact with their environment. This can even translate over to clothing as well. What your character wears will paint a certain picture in the mind of the reader about who they are. Perhaps give your character a special memento, like a ring or a token, that can be incorporated into their appearance and allow you to describe the significance of such object to give more depth into your character’s persona.


In my opinion, personalities are one of the most important part of any character. They are what give the character its soul when you are writing. Describing your character’s personality in the basic sense can be done by answering questions such as: What do they like? What do they dislike? How do they act with other people? What are their goals? But sometimes it may be easier to delve deeper and give a more well-rounded character, by explaining things like how their history impacted their personality today. An example being that, maybe they lost their parents at a young age so they act out in a need for attention by breaking rules every day. Or perhaps their friend ratted them out to the cops and got them locked up, and so now they don’t trust anyone. Their history can have a big impact on how their personality has changed, so that’s something to keep in mind. You may also want to tie their personality into their appearance as well. If you have someone who dresses in bright, provocative clothing, they probably are a very boisterous and eccentric person. Or if they dress as a monk, they may be more level headed and passive.


Though you may not have noticed, a character’s history is probably one of the strongest pillars that hold up who your character is. You have to understand where your character comes from, or you’ll never understand why they acts the way they do, or even how they ended up in your story in the first place. Start by establishing when and where they were born, and make note of any big outside events that may have been going on that could have affected their life. Perhaps your character was born in the midst of a war, and that’s how they lost their father and decided to go on a quest for vengeance. Or maybe they were raised in a very prestigious, and sheltered lifestyle, so they can be a bit snooty with how they got everything served on a silver platter to them. Thinking of things like how they got their education, and any major events that they experienced before adulthood, will help determine where your character is going in the future. Your history doesn’t have to be complete at the start, and can always be revised and added to as you come up with ideas on who you want your character to be, and what in his history has shaped them to be that way.

Skills and Abilities

This sections is where you can really describe the strengths of your character. Now here on the Nanbaka Fanon Wiki we are trying to stay as close to canon strengths as possible; and as of right now the anime hasn’t shown a character possessing more than two “abilities”. So in order to give a bit more variety in roleplays, we have allowed character to exceed canon abilities, by allowing them up to five abilities: two “magical abilities” and three “physical abilities”. You can find the definitions of what these abilities are by looking at the character rules.

Now, many people will separate their abilities and their skills into two subheadings within the section, to allow for easier reading and classification. For skills this can be things such as swordsmanship, marksmanship, speed, strength, durability, physiological enhancements, and intelligence. These can be classified as skills as long as they don’t go outside the limit of the most elite humans. To list a skill, you will often see it done as a new paragraph with the skills name in bold, followed by the kanji and italicized romanji in parenthesis, then a colon, and a description of the skill. They will then list any subskills of that ability below it with bullet points. An example would appear like so:

Expert Swordsmanship (エキスパートソードマンシップ Ekisupātosōdomans): ......

  • Iaijutsu (居合術 Iaijutsu): .....

Abilities follow the same principle in the fact that you will have the ability in bold, followed by the kanji and italicized romanji in parenthesis, then a colon, and a description of the ability. Though with abilities they will generally have pages of their own, and so you are asked to link the name of the ability to the page. Abilities also come with a variety of techniques that you can list underneath with bullet points. If there are a large number of techniques for one ability, you may want to consider giving that ability its own subheading, so you can easily reach it through the table of contents.

If you wish to use the techniques and description of an ability that already has a page on the wiki, make sure you ask the owner of that page for permission before you use it. You are not limited to the techniques that the author however, as you can make techniques of your own to improve your character’s versatility. A tip for creating a technique’s description that I have followed is by answering the questions: What is the technique? How does the character perform the technique? Does the technique take a lot of energy or time to use? What effects on the person/terrain does the technique cause? And are re there any variants of the technique that would yield different/greater results? Those are just basic questions to get you thinking of how to describe a technique, but don’t forget the most important part, picking out an awesome name to go with it!


This can be any random facts you have about the character, or any author’s notes you would like to mention. Usually user’s will note who their character’s appearance is based off of in this section, as well as if their character’s name has any special meaning to it. But this section is entirely up to your imagination.

Additional Sections You Could Add

Now that you have the basic page laid out, you can go back and add additional sections to help further expand on your character’s persona or their abilities. Some of the most frequent sections that people may add is an “Equipment” section to help spell out the wide array of weaponry and gadgets that a character may have, so they can have a few options to use when they are fighting against another character in a roleplay. Another frequent addition is the “Relationships” section. This can be used to display any unique relationship your character has with others found on the wiki. This can be relationships such as “wife/husband”, “boyfriend/girlfriend”, “teacher”, “boss”, “subordinate”, “rival”, and a variety of other titles. They will typically show the character’s name as a subheading, and then have a short paragraph beneath it to show how the two characters interact.

Character Page Example

This is just a portion of the page, for the complete character, please check out Duwa

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Normal Attire | Nanba Uniform




Meat-Shield (ミートシールド Mītoshīrudo)
Blind Monkey (ブラインドモンキー Buraindomonkī)






24th of December


Manila, Philippines


Male Male



Blood Type




Hair Color

Purple with blue bangs

Eye Color


Skin Tone

Lightly Tan (Originally Tan)


6' 1"


65 kg

Medical Concerns and Ailments

Apparent mental illness

Tattoos and Unusual Features


Professional Status

Nanba Prison Supervisor

Previous Occupation

Nanba Prison Inmate

Base of Operations

Nanba Prison

Building Number


Personal Status


Marital Status



Nanba Prison Staff




Adopted Father

Magic, Abilities, and Equipment

Immense Stamina
Insane Durability
Incredible Agility
Improved Awareness

Signature Skill

Second Art (Swordsmanship)

Weaponry and Armor

Unknown Substances
Guard Baton
Home-made Drugs

Duwa (二, Ni) is a former inmate turned supervisor after having been situated in Nanba Prison for six years after being convicted for participating in a large drug dealing and drug abuse scandal that resulted in the rise of herion and meth users all over the oceanic regions. The adopted son of the ringleader of the giant operation, his adopted father gave up Duwa to law enforcement officers in exchange for his freedom in order to continue selling more drugs and substances, which they accepted and named Duwa as the official figurehead due to the wealth also offered alongside Duwa. Now a guard of Nanba prison, Duwa does all he can to make sure that the inmates of Nanba keep in line as he does his very best in catching and bringing back any escaping inmates that attempt to flee their cell, working as the established supervisor of Building 19. A great opposer of the acquisition and ownership of harmful and illegal substances and drugs, Duwa ironically creates and uses a mysterious combination of strange substances that seem to help enhance his immense durability, a product of the use of drugs that he created and tested on himself in order to become stronger. After the testing and creating of numerous experiments that he had tested on himself he has finally been able to achieve his goal after discovering the formula and contents of the perfect serum but at a price, that he must continue injecting the substance everyday or he will soon be weakened and die if not taken enough in a period of time.

He has an odd relationship with his katana that he was rewarded with after having been able to beat one of the other Nanba Prison guards in a bet where their prized blade was at stake, which unfortunately for the guard lost to Duwa who had won by a landslide. Calling the blade Rose as a way to refer to the blade as a rose thorn, Duwa takes extremely good care for the blade as he does everything to make sure Rose stays in perfect condition. However this doesn't mean that Rose is not battle ready and always at the ready to strike down Duwa's targets in just an instant, though he uses these strikes to precisely hit spots that would not severely injure their targets in order to disable them where Duwa may return them back to their cell must they attempt at fleeing their jail cell. A master of the sword having been trained during his time within the cells of Nanba Prison, setting aside his insane personality Duwa's mentor at the time saw great potential in Duwa and therefore taught Duwa how to master the art in just five years right before Duwa was able to leave Nanba prison for good after having manipulated the warden in order to free him from the cell.

Often called the Meat-Shield (ミートシールド Mītoshīrudo) due to his ability to soak in damage with his immense durability and drugs that can give his body several aspects in order to utelise the durability greatly for Duwa's personal use, Duwa can take in several hits from several other opponents without getting tired out or hurt which gives him a higher chance at subduing the attacker. Duwa is also very resilient against bullets that try to cut and enter Duwa's body, as he can take in numerous projectiles before actually feeling and getting hurt, which allows his partners to go behind him in order to use him as a Human Shield. His other name Blind Monkey (ブラインドモンキー Buraindomonkī) comes from way back before his time in Nanba prison as his father and associates recognised Duwa for his ability to gracefully flow around the area almost effortlessly which they used to throw rocks and what not at him as he dodged them all with such ease. Duwa is also able to do this with his eyes closed shut and even blindfolded which is the true origin of his name, almost as if he has another pair of eyes looking around him to know where certain objects and stuff are being projected towards his position, where as we all know by now calmly dodges it with such timing and accuracy.



It is quite difficult wether to identify Duwa as either female (due to his feminine features) or male but in actual fact Duwa is a fully grown man who is extremely dangerous when one is too clueless around him when he feels threatened, in which case he will attack if he feels it is needed. A tall and slightly slender fellow Duwa is looks pretty threatening when one can come to acknowledge his dangerous power as he towers over some of the smaller and normal heighten inmates and staff of Nanba prison, always having a sinister yet innocent smile whenever patrolling the establishment and his appointed grounds and building. His expression never seems to change as the look of insanity and evil corrupts the once innocent human being though at rare times he can looks very professional and intelligent when he wants at those seldom times of coming up with actual smart suggestions. Duwa originally tanned just like the standard Filipino where he spent of his time out in the sun due to not having been able to live in a house in the slums as his aspired father wouldn't let him in, Duwa's time within Nanba prison has caused him to turn a little lighter tanned as his cell didn't have a lot of sunlight coming into his space. His brown eyes that are usually filled with madness and unkindness can change colour from time to time depending on what kind of drugs he is currently under the influence as these homemade drugs used to enhance his skill take an apparent effect on his body through the eye colours, from purple to yellow there is a variety that he is open for. He had black hair but now has dyed fully purple that reaches down to and even past his neck, along with the addition of blue bangs that go down the sides of his face as he can use them to distract targets who get focused on the color as he moves around gracefully.

His normal attire is nothing too special but very manipulating of what Duwa looks like he is capable of, as he resembles a normal person though just with a large black coat walking around the prison, very suspicious though Duwa's excuse for wearing this around the establishment is that he always forgets to wash his Nanba prison uniform. The first notable article of clothing is his large black coat that reaches down below his knees and half way his calves, which he says is very helpful when gliding around the arena as he draws closer and closer to his prey of choice. Though a soft material for the inner body and the inside of the large clothing piece the coat seems to have leather arms which are made out of heat proof materials that do alot of good for Duwa when facing fire utilisers. There is a sheathe on the back for his darling Rose which is easily accessible for him whenever he is ready to fight, simply reaching back and swiping the blade out if the opponent is right in front of him, where he can do this in just an instant. Underneath his large coat is a standard outfit made out of a light purple shirt with the cut reaching down halfway his chest, revealing the clean shaven chest that Duwa spends time caring for, and over that is an extremely low cut darker purple shaded shirt that would have shown much more chest. Duwa wears black pants that cover his lanky legs which seem to have several pockets that line the sides of his legs which are useful for storing many objects and drugs for Duwa to use later on. Donning leather black gloves and shoes which are also made out of the same materials from his leather coat arms, Duwa can handle fire pretty easily provided that he is equipping the suitable clothing which he always does.

Duwa's wardrobe is not only limited to his standard attire as there is plenty more combination of clothes that Duwa enjoys wearing to showcase though it does seem to be less than helpful when tackling down escaping inmates or rebelling prisoners of Nanba, as these outfits are usually just for important peaceful meetings. One of his outfits is comprimised of the same black coat that Duwa wears with his casual attire with the leather arms which provide some sort of defense as he has no black leather gloves to come match with his leather arms and shoes made out of fire proof material. This time now underneath the coat is a formal business suit which is a collection of a white dress shirt with a pocket on the chest for pens and important notes he might need to keep on his person with all buttons done up even though his maniacal nature might make people presume he is very messy and unorganised. Done up underneath the collar with the top button locked in is a long blue tie that sort of matches the colour of his bangs of his hair, which is tied up that the tip drapes down to Duwa's belt which he wears obviously to keep his suit pants up. The belt is accessorised with a pure golden buckle that sternly locks the belt in place for Duwa's comfort as he does it up which allows him to retain his wind like elegance as he prances around when dodging incoming projectiles. His suit pants are nothing special but the two pockets that are stitched on both sides go very deep allowing Duwa to hold more into these pockets even though the more he holds the bigger the bulge would be on his sides. The same leather boots are worn except these pair of shoes are steel capped and plated within, giving Duwa more defense and an extra kick when attacking his opponents with leg attacks when combining movements with his attacks from katana.

Last but not least to mention is Duwa's officer outfit that he wears very much rarely as he forgets to wash his uniform in order for work so that he can turn up in his casual outfit, due to the casual clothes being more suitable for combat and all whilst he is especially more vulnerable in his guard attire. There are many changes to Duwa's outfit as he must keep in line with the rules of Nanba prison though Duwa is allowed to have his katana by his side, which he keeps the scabbard to sheath it just at his left side where it would be more professional and easier for him to withdraw whilst in guard attire. His whole outfit is the standard guard outfit that all the staff in Nanba prison hold, for the top he wears a black coat with gold threading in the form of many intricate designs that line the outfit, most notably his shoulder designs as they are golden threaded pads stitched onto the shoulders with long gold threaded weaves that drape down around his shoulders. Along woth the normal red band that goes around his arm in the other arm of his bicep is a black and dark gold band as a way to "unique" himself from the other guards to show that he is a person himself and not like the rest. The coat is buttoned up fully but what can be seen of underneath is a white dress shirt along with a top button done up as it holds a black tie that doesn't seem to show on the bottom side of the jacket as Duwa's other professional ties do themselves. Duwa wears white leather gloves still made out of the same material as his other leather items which is the only sort of defense wear that Duwa wields in this attire, as his leather shoes though may look as if they do, do not as so Duwa must rely on hand to hand to take down fire opponents.


He is very friendly to the populace around him such as fellow prison staff members and even the inmates of Nanba prison as he is in charge of guarding and securing these people after all, so he might as well as he must spend most of his day with them. This type of friendliness however does indeed come with perks that Duwa can use to his disposal whenever necessary for usage, such as using several debts to him by guards and inmates alike to get out of trouble with many issues such as money, shortage of supply and needing someone to carry out a certain task for him. Duwa is in good relation with most members of the Nanba prison community but theres always those people who have something against Duwa be it a past incident or just plain don't like his attitude which is usually just because people are extremely suspicious of his friendly attitude to the guards and inmates of the prison establishment. This kindness and care shown on the outside of Duwa is just a cover up for his true personality, a selfish and greedy soul who is willing to put the lives and reputations of his close friends and allies at stake in order to sustain his health and create more drug serums that give him these abilities. The one true thing Duwa really cares about is himself as he tries hard to make sure that he is able to retain and even up his storage supply of the substance and the ingredients used to make the formula for his special drug. Though aside his concealed personality and true being he really is a nice guy although it takes the right people in order to achieve this kind of nature from him at all without a ounce of fake somewhere within his independent acts of goodwill to the fellow community.

Duwa can be just as much a leader as he is a follower, as he has been able to show leadership and independence from others and his supervisor as he hunts down and catches prison inmates that attempt breaking put whilst the supervisor and officers pay no attention to them, something Duwa always manages to sense. Cunning and intelligent Duwa is able to pursue his targets with extreme ease and caution as he turns into a predator hounding their next meal, something that perfectly describes Duwa when ever he enters this state of anomalistically through the spaces of his set prison building. He has the capability to lead a small squadron of guards and what not through difficult obstacles and challenges though does prefer to follow a leading figure himself, as he finds it easier to follow directions instead of giving directions to his attendants where he will complete the task down to the smallest detail described on the method. He also uses the excuse for deepening on a leading figure so that if something were to go horribly wrong Duwa's will to do it wouldn't be questioned but the person who had given Duwa the order for him to complete, leaving Duwa in the clear as he was only just taking orders, still showing his selfishness and manipulative mind to keep him in the safe zone. His dependency on others is also shown through the fact that he must rely on other people to supply him with opportunities and supplies for him to create more and more of his serum for him to stay alive and strong. This trust in other peoples' help is his biggest weakness and if he was to ever be cut from the community and care of Nanba prison then he would be sure to die and dry up as he becomes more and more weaker till his imminent death.

In combat Duwa is a sadistic and blood thristy fighter who will try his best in order to put his target into the ground, dead or alive depending on the situation that Duwa has found himself in, not afraid to execute those that try and defy his power and continuously resist the law of Nanba unless he was stopped by someone. Having been formed into a weapon in the shell of a sentient human being Duwa is well experienced with sword combat and is heavily confident in his skills as an expert swordsman, a title he carries with duty and honour as he displays it on the field. Duwa prefers not to use firearms too often as he likes to get up and personal with his enemy, disliking the idea of cowardly keeping distance between oneself and the enemy as they show they're weak by attacking the opponent without feeling the violent rage between two combatants. Duwa loves a good fight and wouldn't back down from a fight even if he knew that he would lose, the height, size and power of the opponent doesn't affect him as well at all as Duwa laughs in the face of danger, always up to take on an opponent twice his size. He does however know his own limits in combat though and will retreat if he feels it is necessary to take a short break during the midst of battle when he can rest up for the next attacks in order for him to take down his opponents. These retreats do not stray too far from the target and are always within the arena to assure that they are still fighting as to not misguide the opponent to thinking that Duwa has forfeited the combat match leaving his enemy the victor, something that Duwa hates very much. Overall Duwa is a bloodthirsty fighter who isn't afraid to spill too much blood unless it is necessary for the job to get done with any means possible unless he is not allowed to kill, which is most likely against Nanba prison rules.

A strange side to his personality is that Duwa condemns the usage of drugs and illegal substances by other people, something he ironically does and had done in order to come up with the current serum today that gives Duwa these extraordinary powers of his. Duwa scolds those who he finds out have been under the influence of drugs and substances and will harshly critic the user as he tries to make them feel guilty for themselves and the danger they put themselves into when they had decided to be placed under that state of mind, again it is contradicting Duwa's drug addiction. Another strange side to Duwa's personality and nature is that he cares alot for his main blade Rose which as mentioned before is a blade that Duwa had won in a bet with another prisoner located in his block, not too long after Duwa had arrived on Nanba prison island. He seems to change when wielding rose as he becomes incredibly more focus and swift when wielding the blade, slicing through air almost effortlessly as he "swims" right at the opponent with the blade intending to hit them in some way or form. It would also be described as Duwa and the blade sharing the same mind as Duwa can cut through lightning speed bullets coming his way in half with just the blade as he somehow was able to angle it correctly and accurately. Duwa also smokes and drinks pretty heavily though never seems to get drunk, as due to his durability Duwa can withstand the harsh and blurring effects of excessive alcohol and the painful chest stings of smoking too much, though these health damages never really seem to actually damage his body according to Nanba prison doctors. There have been sometimes however that Duwa has been caught smoking marijuana even though his great disliking against drug use.


Duwa was born on the twenty fourth of December in a hospital somewhere in the capital of the Philippines, Manila to an unknown bilogical mother and father who apparently owed a large debt to one of the city's biggest drug lords who was soon to be Duwa's future adoptive father. Duwa lived a pretty average childhood for the first moments of being with his parents but would later come to be mentally scarred after having watched his parents gunned down in a drive by shooting by gang members who had came by to collect their debt to the drug lord, something they were not able to do. Before police could turn up to investigate the loud murder of Duwa's parents he was kidnapped and brought to the criminal mind as a way to lessen the witnesses to the shooting, and with it being the child of the victims it would help cover more of their identity due to Duwa's connection to his parents. Adopting Duwa at the young age of six the drug lord was able to cover his henchmen's idenity and involvement with the crime as he continued to operate his drug operation of Meth and other illegal substances now with a young boy to take care, however this was no problem at all. Duwa would go on to live in the luxury of ill gained currency and the pressure of law enforcement coming to get him under the parenthood of his adoptive father who was pretty well known in the criminal underworld of the oceanic region, as illegal substance and drug use has risen drastically over the period of time that his father and organisation have been operating within the Philippines. Five years Duwa would live like this until the fateful day that Duwa would come to later despise his father and as well the use of drugs and substances.

At the age of eleven Duwa's adopted father's organisation was exposed to governmental authorities who sent out numerous police squadrons and elite military forces to the headquarters of their location as city news documented the arrest, something that the city of Manila has been waiting for for a very long time. As government officers barged into the drug headquarters and arrested every single accomplice of the drug organisation it would only take minutes after several shootouts and downed officers that they would reach the office and hiding place of Duwa's father. The coward of a criminal mastermind immediately surrendered to police and military forces as they breached the doors and confronted Duwa and his father in the name of the law and government. As the government officials began confronting on the sins of Duwa's father, the mob boss immediately offered and bribed the government force vast quantities of money that they had somehow changed their mind on arresting the criminal father though there was a problem they had to handle before they left the building. As so the people and officers outside the headquarters would have been wanting to see the criminal lord arrested and bounded as the police dragged him out but since they have changed their mind they couldn't do that without someone to take Duwa's father's place in metal cuffs. The selfish bastard he is, Duwa's father offered to sacrifice his son to the public's hunger for justice something that the inside forces agreed to, cuffing up the eleven year old Duwa and exclaiming his name as one of the most evil criminal minds in the oceanic region as he was carried off to the courthouse. After a long trial and mass amounts of bribing, Duwa was sent straight to Nanba Prison as a way to hide and conceal Duwa's innocence so that those attempting to investigate him could not prove his exclusion from the drug operations.

Skills and Abilities


Expert Swordsmanship (エキスパートソードマンシップ Ekisupātosōdomans) Most of his time in Nanba prison when he was younger was spent on primarily two hour sessions of either making the personal drug serum for Duwa to enhance his abilities and become more powerful than he originally was, and the art of swordsmanship as he was trained by an imprisoned sword fighter who shared the same cell as him. Through intense training and extreme determination Duwa was able to fully learn and expertise his knowledge and capability in the first sword art he had learned in Nanba prison; Kenjutsu which is the well known sword fighting art originating from Japan as did his teacher. Knowing for the basics of the art Duwa carried on to learn more sword fighting techniques and arts as well as creating and designing his own ones which he primarily uses due to it's originality and uniqueness to Duwa himself, showcasing the work and deadly methods he implemented into the arts in order to strike them as incredibly deadly. Not only that but he has also revamped and created new techniques for sword fighting arts such as Kenjutsu itself and other arts that he had managed to learn after his release from Nanba prison whilst he worked on the serum. His expertise in swordsmanship has been able to make him substantially swift when striking with the blade as he moves in an instant like a thunderbolt, not giving his target enough time to respond as he slashes or stabs at their body in order to leave a wound to disable them from combat. The precision and accuracy of his attacks are phenomenal as he knows the exact spots and reas for him to and not to attack in order to capture escaping prisoners alive or if need be one strike them down to swiftly end his opponents' lives.
  • Kenjutsu (ケンジュ Kenju) Is the traditional Japanese sword fighting art that relies mostly quick movements and complete concentration on the fighter's opponents, which is mostly used to keep track and acknowledge sudden movements made by the opponent. A very cultured and sophisticated sword art of Japanese origins, Duwa is a well trained and vastly experienced fighter of Kenjutsu as he spent most of his time within the walls of Nanba Prison training under a master of the sword fighting art, going through extremely exhausting drills and sessions as well as training to fit the very demanding fighting standards of his former mentor who trained Duwa nearly everything he knew. With the formidable training Duwa is an extremely capable combatant when fighting with Kenjutsu as the methods and techniques Duwa had learned from his mentor has formed Duwa into the killing machine he is today, though uses Kenjutsu to simply apprehend the convicts of Nanba Prison rather than effectively killing them. Kentjutsu is primarily a pattern of attacks that aim to strike the opponent's head, throat and chest region with the throat being the most dangerous as a slash or stab from the blade whilst in Kenjutsu can fatally wound the target as their breathing becomes cut off so one should be sure before they simply strike. The art form is simply about attacking the enemy with quick movements towards their head region whilst also dodging their attacks with minimal movement as much as possible, as Duwa can expertly flick his blade at the opponent with such speed that they wouldn't have enough time for the enemy to react to block and such. A dueling art Kenjutsu only seems to be effective in one against one combat so using this against a group of enemies that may try to attack from many directions would not be recommended based on the nature of the fighting style.
  • God Weave (神の織り Kami no ori) A set of non powered moves that are still extremely deadly if one was to find themselves on the receiving end of the blade, God Weave is a sword fighting art designed and practised by Duwa after having managed to learn Kenjutsu and being released from Nanba prison. Named God Weave after a former tutor of his was gobsmacked by the new art, it is very much true to it's name as a single move from this collection of attacks is capable in cratering the earth all with just a slash downward into the ground however there is a special technique in order for one to be able to accomplish these feats. Thanks to the drugs that Duwa had been able to substantially empower himself with he has enough energy or stamina in order to convert and infuse it into his grip as he exerts with extreme force and propels the expelled force onto the blade, where the sword deals the impact on the outside as a way to act as if the blade is all powerful itself. Requiring mass amounts of Stamina and body energy in order to do this, only few swordsman and trained men could be capable of preforming this art form alongside Duwa however unlike Kenjutsu and Aris where they are styles and such, God Weave is actually moves designed for the energy to flow and erupt on impact. This makes God Weave one of the only arts without a style and such is basically a move set as the user and wielder of the blade exerts and forces out energy for the blade to crush anything in it's way. A popular method for when dealing with tougher and much deadlier opponents Duwa will call upon and utelise God Weave to leave devastating effects and crushing pain onto his opponents as they suffer from the all powerful work that Duwa had put into creating this sword fighting art.
    • StrikingStarsPromise
      Striking Star's Promise (打撃スターの約束 Dageki sutā no yakusoku) is a move that can slice at two to four opponents at once as it delivers a near fatal blow to the enemy, weakening them severely allowing Duwa to properly apprehend them and send them to the infirmary of the prison if need be, though it is one of the most used of his moves to apprehend multiple prisoners swiftly without using his Second Art. Duwa begins by crouching down in a stance where his eye level reaches the same height to where the majority of the opponents' abdomen is, as he delivers a quick and simple blow to the targeted area with a lot of force for it to swipe at the enemy with one clean cut. There is always the possibility and huge risk of a severe blow to the stomach as the blade goes through the victim, but with the experience and expert-ship over the way of the blade, Duwa is skilled enough to prevent this from happening as he guides the blade through the opponent with ease and confidence. It also shows that anywhere else on the body of an opponent might not work depending on the density of their muscles and tissue, as areas such as the neck, arm, chest, etc. all can be quite cut easily with Rose, allowing the blade to cut through the bone, windpipe and even the lungs if there isn't much muscle there. This move is also recommended that the target should be close to Duwa but just a bit far enough that they are able to get hit by the blade as being too close would result in the opponent getting cut in half at the abdomen, which many prison officers prevent themselves from doing if they want to apprehend an escaping criminal. Striking Star's Promise, like every other one of Duwa's moves is too fast for one to react quickly enough for the incoming blade, making it pretty useful for both easy one move strikes and taking down pretty fast criminals if the time that Duwa finds the opportunity.


Insane Durability (非常識な耐久性 Hijōshikina taikyū-sei) His most notable ability, Duwa is nearly incapable of feeling or receiving damage even from things such as gun shots, explosives and even point blank attacks from elements such as fire and/or electricity, making him an impenetrable walking fortress. This ability is all thanks to the drug serum that Duwa must take regularly as it is able to somehow strengthen and intensify the density of his muscles and body tissue that it becomes titanium in comparison or even more.
This allows Duwa to soak up mass amounts of damage where he is left unscathed from even the most dangerous of attacks, however this doesn't stop others from forcing him back as his durability doesn't allow Duwa to stand against such force. A walking sponge of damage, Duwa can take in several strikes without flinching or reacting as he walks across the battle field casually in a total calm pace through the hell fire that he carries himself through. He uses the durability to also soak in excess residue after powered attacks which he combines and infuses into his attacks that he can use against his enemies, bringing in another use for this ability other than the fact that he cannot be harmed. Although there is a workaround for his powerful ability, as one can overcome his durability through the direct contact of damage to vital organs such as the heart or brain though this would obviously result in the untimely demise of Duwa himself. Another way is to trigger weak points that could render Duwa paralyzed or weakened to a forceful strike towards these specific spots, though good luck getting past Duwa as it would be extremely difficult to catch him off guard to take him out through this method.

Improved Awareness (改善された意識 Kaizen sa reta ishiki) The drug serum that Duwa takes also seems to incredibly raise Duwa's awareness and concentration on the environment around him which without a doubt is one of the strongest advantages Duwa can have over the opponent due to the things he is able to do thanks to the improvement to this attribute. The drug has tampered with Duwa's senses of touch, smell, sight and hearing that he could be able to detect an attack way before the pursuer for Duwa's blood even attempts at striking Duwa down showing how powerful he is and the advantage he has over his enemies, as he could sense the violent intent before anything may happen. However, Duwa is sometimes for too lazy to pay attention to these changes he could sense with his approved awareness and sometimes would shake it off as nothing much, with this to prove to be the cause of his future downfall. Ways that Duwa can sense this are extremely easy to understand and just the slightest change in the environment can alarm Duwa's senses which can force him to take action against this sudden change in the wind. With touch he can feel in the wind if there is movement nearby or even touching the ground to detect moving beings that could be coming their way, also having the ability estimate how large these incoming or moving away targets are as well as the number there is in the directions around them, making it easier to hunt prey or even hide from predators must the situation ever come for Duwa. The sense of hearing can allow Duwa to hear even the faintest of footsteps or the quiet withdrawal of a blade from their scabbard let alone the clicking or cocking of a firearm that Duwa can instantly react to the sound with a counter in some way of physical or verbal form should the need arise. With smell it should probably be obvious enough that Duwa can detect any new or absent scents of the area around him which he can somehow be able to gain information that might be useful for his position and stance, deciding the need for an attack or not. He counters many attacks with this ability where he will carry the job on with the use of Rose in order to deal with the situation accordingly to the prison's rules.


Katana (カタニア Katania) is a special weapon collected by Duwa from a former fellow inmate who shared the cell with Duwa at the time of his imprisonment, losing the katana to Duwa ina bet that ended with unknown results as well constructed with unknown stipulations other than Duwa receiving the katana as a prize. Nicknamed Rose (ローズ Rōzu) by Duwa himself as a way to reference the blade's sharpness compared to a razor thorn that sticks out of the rose stem, Duwa is extremely deadly when wielding this weapon as most of combat potential is unlocked when wielding the grand weapon. Made from some of the sharpest steel and decorated with the finest jewelry Rose is one of Duwa's most prized possessions and winnings as he carries the blade with such care and delicacy yet also firm and proud to display and upfront his power over those that know they are much weaker than him. The Katana is also mysteriously a powered item as it is able to allow Duwa to unlock the capabilities and use of Second Art, Duwa's power and his second most favourite aspect of his capabilities other than his Insane Durability which is a perfect example and the product of the power of Duwa's powerful drug substance. Rose is also very much capable of cutting through most solid surfaces as it cuts metal, wood, skin, bone, etc. as if it was a hot knife slicing through butter, even more dangerous if you were to be on the stabbing end of Rose which could easily pass through your body without any trouble. It is very important that a move with Rose is not to be messed up as a single flinch from the most dangerous blade would surely cut you head open, and is to be handled extremely well which is apparent by Duwa who has been able to recapture several escaping prisoners that attempted fleeing Nanba prison, only to be met by the all mighty and deadly blade.


  • Duwa is the Filipino word for Two, so I'm naming my first character on this site Two.
  • Images are Mishakuji from Project K.