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Black Sea Prison
Black Sea Prison



Kuroumi Keimusho


In the fabled Black Sea

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Black Sea Prison (黒海刑務所, Kuroumi Keimusho) is a prison built specially for the infamous Hakkō due to the sheer calamity that Hakkō is. Ever since the realization that Hakkō has the potential to render the world inhabitable, they took the man and trapped him within the Black Sea Prison. This prison can be found floating around in the fabled Black Sea, on a series of peninsulas. The chamber in which Hakkō resides is located within the peninsula itself, and the castle acting as a 'lid' of sorts. The castle produces a volatile poison which activates once Hakkō comes into a certain range of the castle, and is instantly fatal. The peninsulas have an invisible electric barrier, and the only way to leave is via a teleporting device which only activate if the Warden of the prison allows it. The only way Hakkō retrieves food and water is via a narrow chute where the food is thrown in. Fortunately for Hakkō, there is a week in which he is transferred to a variety of prisons, so he can 'scare' the other inmates of that prison.