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Blood Increasing Pill



Chi o fuyasu piru



Blood Replenishing Pill (血を増やすピル Chi o fuyasu piru) is a supplementary drug designed to amplify the speed of formation and increase in blood production.

Overview Edit

One of the most influential drug products in the pharmaceutical industry, Blood Replenishing Pills (also known as BRPs) are revolutionary tablets bursting with numerous ingredients esteemed to prevent the development of blood clots and increase the flow of blood pressure. These pills begin their work the instant they have dissolved and been transported from the consumer's stomach, through their pyloric sphincter and into their intestine where the pill's contents are eventually absorbed into the bloodstream. Once soaked up, the hormones that were once contained inside the pill's shell are sent off to the person's adrenal glands as "stimulants". As a result, aldosterone production levels in the adrenal cortex are tripled significantly, causing the heart to pump more blood around the body.

This pill is fruitful in aiding those who are critically injured and at risk of dying from extensive blood loss, since it helps to restore blood, however, abusive usage of it can cause the recipient in question to die from placing too much strain on their heart's muscle tissue. It can also be used by Blood Manipulation users as "boosts" if they require supplemental reserves of blood for more flexibility during battle. Finally, the manufacturers of this pill gave it the aforementioned ability to evaporate blood cots which can usually be found in the legs. It has been proclaimed that this piece of remedial technology will be the benchmark for many other medicinal products well into the future.

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