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Building 2

ブイイェルディング トウォ


buiyerudingu towo


Nanba Prison




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Notable Inmates

Kage Nanase
Karina Nanase
Charlotte Nanase

Building 2 (ブイイェルディング トウォ buiyerudingu towo) is a prison building located in Nanba Prison which is supervised by the young guard Duwa, a former inmate of Nanba Prison who rose through the ranks to ensure that he would claim the top spot of the building as the supervising guard of Building 2, which he does with extreme caution. Building 2 is one of the largest prison buildings on the Nanba prison island, due to it having cells and establishments above ground in the tower but as well as having more levels underground where more dangerous prisoners are kept to ensure that they do not escape, which is also where more of Building 2's security is installed heavily. Over the time of it's establishment, Building 2 has recieved and farewelled alot of criminals who have unfortunately ended up in Nanba Prison, being more unfortunate to being placed in the stone cold cells of Building 2. Because of the damage most of these prisoners can do to people, Nanba Prison had enlisted Duwa because of his unique skill of insane durability to ensure that Duwa can take down these criminals with ease at the same time not getting damaged by their extreme attacks, something that prisoners of Building 2 if not the whole prison has become quite annoyed with.

The guards and prisoners of Building 2 are unqiue all in their own way, all displaying a certain quality and aspect that they excel at compared to others. Building 2 also is very unqiue in it's own way with the implementation of a new cell structure that the most dangerous prisoners of Building 2 are locked into so that there may not be a chance for them to escape as well as vastly weakening them must they show that they cannot be trusted to roam around freely with their powers sheathed. This part of the priosn is locked underground, concealed by the normal looking prison cells that the inmates of Building 2 are all situated in, with these cells being like most other prison cells around Nanba Prison. Building 2 also has a reputation to hiring former inmates of the prison to work here be it either as a guard or just a helper in other areas of the prison so that they may get a chance to work and earn money like a normal person, thanks to the kindness of Duwa and his experience here. Using the method to catch a criminal, you need to think like a criminal, Duwa hired these former inmates to make it easier to apprehending escaping criminals from the prison for some of the guards allocated to Building 2, as sid before are former inmates of Nanba Prison.


The prison building is located opposite of Building 7, and is built in-between Building 1 and Building 3 and is one of the tallest buildings in the whole of Nanba Prison, only being beaten by buildings such as Building 8 and a few others that have claimed titles of the tallest buildings in the prison. Building 2 stands tall and strong as it's walls are made out of dense stone and concrete that are just strong enough to take in a strike from one of the strongest inmate's punch in the whole prison who are attemtping to break out through the walls. However, most of the prisoners allocated to Building 2 are locked up in the higher levels of the building as to put the prisoners more at a disadvantage who try to escape by breaking through the walls. Building 2 is also armed with mass amounts of security from head to toe of the building, to ensure that the supervisor and guqrds of the building are able to keep track of the activity of the inmates inside the building. However, it is not just simple security measures such as secuirty cameras and simple pressure activated traps that are scattered and activated throughout the building, but a wider variety of security locks the prison down to furter ensure that noone escapes Building 2. One the ground level of Building 2, the building was constructed in the middle of a large area of garden filled with several plants and vegetation to overcome the dark and eerie feel to Building 2, and is constantly cared by guards stationed at Building 2 and former inmates who are occupied as official gardeners and workmen that help out around the building as they keep the gardens of Building 2 alive and blooming, colouring the area with a variety of bright colours and sweet scents given off by many of the plants that were planted and grown by the gardeners tending to Building 2's garden. This garden is where guards on and off duty come to socialise with eachother in the outdoors since inmates are not allowed to go out without the supervision of guards attending to their needs as an inmate of Nanba Prison, as they are surrounded by the quiet serenity that only well tended gardens and blossoming flowers could give, despite the cold and dark vibes that Building 2 itself gives off to the people around it. With several park benches and fountains to decrpate and provide comfort to the guards of Building 2, or even guards from other buildings around Nanba Prison, Building 2's ground level gardens outside the building have become a major hotspot for guards to come and relax as they take their mind off from work, whilst also being at work.

Surface LevelsEdit

Upon standing infront of the building on the ground level, visiotrs are welcomed to the sight of a mysterious figure that stands high and tall as it is fused into the door, guarding the entryway as it stands firmly on the ground until ordered to open. The front door of the building stands as tall as ten normal sized human beings, and with lights shining onto the mysterious figure of the doorway, the details given are meant to intimidate those that seek entry into Building 2, with the figure reminding the people within the premises are still dangerous and there is nothing good within it's walls. The surface level is where most of Building 2's action happens, with many of the establishments of Building 2 favourite places for inmates who have acquired free time spend, such as built in kitchens and dining halls as well as other enjoyable activity rooms that consist of activities ranging from gambling, to sports and recreation to even just lounge rooms where inmates can chat and socialise with one another without the hastle of a glass window between them like they would do if they were to meet a visitor. Their most well known establishment on the surface levels however is the built in secret fighting arena, which although secret to the warden of Nanba Prison who may deem it inappropriate for such things to be built within the building's walls, many guards and inmates come here to watch scheduled fights and tournaments that are not seen within the actual official arena of Nanba Prison.
A large room dedicated to fighting and combat was built at the request of a recent prisoner who is now released from Nanba Prison, who loved combat so much that he had wanted to build a fighting arena where him and his fellow inmates could fight to their heart's content. The room starts with as a big metal hangar aimilair room that has two different levels to it, as the arena takes up two floors of the building so that spectators who are viewing the fight from above, watching on metal balconies with the railing being that of extremely thick metal wires going through several metal structure things sticking out keep the viewers from accidently falling into the commenced or ongoing fight between the registered fighters. Their arena is a deep pit with a sort of boxing ring in the middle, which could be told by the way the boxing ring looks as well as it's use for using extremely solid metal as the base floor in order to keep the battle between the two fighters who cannot use the enviornment to their advantage, keeping the fights out of raw strength and brain to take down these opponents. Lights of red and yellow dot the room as well as a hidden ladder that allows both fighters to go in and out of the ring and put safely, which only appears if a fighter has resigned from the match or has been defeated, in which case the victor shall climb the ladder first, with this ladder only becoming unlocked after there has been a clear winner of the match. This mini arena serves to entertain the guards and inmates as members from both communities can register a fight within it's pit to fight another member of Building 2's community who has agreed to the said fight in order to humiliate and beat the other infront of the members of Building 2's staff and residents. Possibly making Building 2 one of the most energetic and sinister Buildings of Nanba Prison, there are alot more on the surface levels that should still be described in order for one to truly understand the criminal personality that Building 2 has come to develop. The fighting arena is only but one establishment built within the dead walls of Building 2 that is open to both the inmates and guards, as more and more ideas and renovations have been made to entertain the inmates and guards within.

The cells vary for many of the prisoners allocated to serving their time on the surface levels of Building 2, with many of these inmates having special abilities that require certain designs and mechanics for the cell in order to contain them properly to restrict escape. One cell for example is Arachne's cell, which requires Arachne to be held up within a large box with it's walls ceieling and floor being made put of thick transparent glass that is extremely durable must the occupant feel like trying to break through. The way to deal with the occupant's ability of invisibility is in the lights that are pointed and actuve on at the other end, successfully covering the whole room in light which restrains Arachne from using her invisibility. Cells like this are pretty big and so honour these kinds of prisoners due to their ability, but majority of the cells holding the inmates of Building 2 are all pretty standard stuff, just like the other cells all over Nanba Prison, complete as a dark grey empty room with a metal cell door as an entryway. Every cell in Building 2 is equipped with luxuries such as a television, bookshelf, small short table, mat, air conditioning, sleeping mats and blankets for the amount of inmates inside the cell, and even a laptop where the prisoners can go browse the web, however there is always internet restrictions to prevent prisoners to talking to the outside world, forcing them to come and visit them if they want to chat under the surveillance of the building's security cameras. Building 2 seems to be one of the only buildings in the whole of Nanba Prison to have renovated in order to fit the abilities of the prisoners within, exemplified by Arachne's cell and such, as it has taken some of the most changes to it's structure in order to fit the prisoners that it is given to hold and supervise while they are spending their time here, waiting for them to leave and be free in the world until they unfortunatly come back again to serve more time. Also on the surface levels there is the supervisor's office as well as the guard room, where both the supervisor and the guards must go in order to write up reports about the activity of prisoners and anything else concerning the life of Nanaba Prison, most notably the life within Building 2 for the warden or whatever other high authority would check in order to acknowledge the smooth function of Building 2. There is also a sick bay just next to the guard room complete with a hospital bed, a table side drawer, a medibox and a sink and mirror where guards who are feeling under the weather may go to rest up so that they might feel a little bit better to go back to work. If one is feeling a bit bored and is seeking knowledge of many kinds, then the library, an extremely large room that nearly takes up a whole floor is the place for both inmates and guars who want to get a little factual, as the library is filled with thousands of bookcases all neatly organised, and is the home to millions of books and scriptures that the inmates and guards may find interesting. The whole library is infact operated by the building's own librarian, who rules the library with an iron fist as they make sure that everything is kept in order, unless those that wish to defy them and later faces the consequences. One has to remember however, that the surface levels of Building 2 are only just the cover up for something more sinister that lies within the underground levels of the building, where more of the most dangerous and ruthless prisoners are contained where they will stay in sumbmission until their time serving in Nanba Prison is up.

Subterranean LevelsEdit

Compared to what is up on the surface levels, there is nothing pretty about what goes on underneath the surface of Nanba Prison, as it is where the most villainous and most atrocious prisoners of Building 2 are locked up in order to not disturb the prisoners above who haven't caused just as much as these prisoners that are stationed here in the below cells. An idea developed by Duwa and a few other guards of Building 2, just like the fighting arena in the surface levels, not many supervisors of Nanba Prison know about these undergorund levels, so the subterranean level is only known by Duwa and a select few including the Warden who have taken the responsibility of watching over these prisoners themselves, although it is not a hard task due to there being only few prisoners who have earned themselves a place in the water filled chambers that suspends them and restrains them from action. Again, referring back to the prisoners held here, these water tanks are made from extremely durable transparent walls that keep the water from flowing out or the prisoner from escaping, and are nearly the same material as mentioned before Arachne's cell, though much more stronger. These tanks are filled to the brim with dense water, as wires and chains keep the prisoner from moving within the tank to prevent them from getting out the tank, as well as having a breathink mask and pipe to stop the prisoner from drowning and allowing the, to continue breathing. Goggles are offered to the prisoner as well if they want to look around the quiet levels from within their cell, though all they'll see is other tanks filled with other dangerous criminals, so many of the prisoners in the underground levels prefer to sleep majority of the time before getting let out to eat. And for all of you that have been thinking, that since the prisoners cannot leave their cell which is surrounding them with water, and only specifically let out for meal times, these inmates can only go to the rest rooms before and after their meal time, forcing them to hold it in or just other things... Other things besides the cells that prisoners have access to, if they are allowed is a mess hall where the prisoners eat seperately from the inmates on the surface levels and a medic bay where an unknown doctor will work on the underground inmates must they somehow injure themselves when journeying from their cell to the mess hall, or from the mess hall back to their cell. With so many tanks vacant it should be guessed that this whole new cell and level structure was just a waste of funds from the government, building a whole complete new level only for it to be storing a few prisoners that don't even take up a quarter of the tanks built within this level of the prison, but there is something else to the subterranean levels of Building 2 besides containing dangerous prisoners from the others.
Within these levels is Duwa's secret lab where he continues his practice of making the speical serum drug that keeps him alive and powered, as stated before he will grow extremely weak and maybe with the chance of death if he does not take it everyday or not long enough. And extremely large room, Duwa has all this space to conduct reasearch and experiemnts in order to power up the drug to enhance his abilities even more, as well as looking for a reverse serum in prder to make that the effecs of the drug do not take an effect on his life and wellbeing, as to make the drug that he is currently using only for powering up his body instead of taking it away from him. This practice is frowned upon in Nanba Prison, though Duwa does the best he can to make sure that he can make the drug to keep him alive, as not having the resources to do so could end up with his demise. Again, just like before only Duwa and a select group of people, hand picked judged by Duwa's trust in them can only access these levels as well as his secret laboratory, also knowing of Duwa's dependency on the drug and his practises in order to keep the supervisor alive. The only known way to access this secret level underneath Building 2 however is an well concealed elevator and stair well that is built in within Duwa's personal lounge room, located at the very top of Building 2 where he over looks the activity of Nanba Prison, with also a good view of the ocean around them. Well concealed, only Duwa and the trusted group can access this level freely as they descend though numerous levels and floors of the surface level of Building 2 as they enter the more hellish and dead part of the subterranean levels of the building. The underground levels of Building 2 is more heavily secured thanks to the amount of security that Duwa has implemented into the underground levels, from more security cameras, trip wires and even explosives that do not harm the enviornemnt but living organisms and their clothing, Duwa has gone the extra mile to kill anything on site that has found their way into the underground levels if they do not have a key of access, only held by Duwa and the trustees of his secret. It is not recommended that those wishing to battle Duwa should not do it here, as the underground levels of Building 2 are his turf and his turf alone for he knows all the commands for all the traps located around the area, as many of these traps are voice activated to follow all of his commands without failure or hesitation.

Security and TrapsEdit

Gun Turret is the most common variant of turrets scattered all across Nanba Prison's Building 2, where the Gun Turrets outnumber the other variants of turrets throughout the whole of the prison building, being favoured by Duwa because of it's price as a whole and it's raw materials besides using the Ki energised turrets. These gun turrets are actually built on the design of the M2 Browning, otherwise known as the Browning .50 Caliber Machine Gun which is a heavy machine gun that was used design around the end of the First World War, though this design for the gun turrets use a much more advanced variant as to match the modern age. The turret has many features based off the gun aswell, such as the addition of a air-cooling system which cools down the motorof the turret when it gets too hot to keep on firin, and the fact that it fires from a closed bolt due to being a semi/full automatic firearm, controlling the amount of shots it can do. This gun turret just like the M2 Browning is a belt fed machine gun though the belts of bullets are stored within the body of the gun turret as to not display the amount of shots the gun has left and to not leave them out in the open, with guards and handymen of the prison building regularly restocking the ammunition belts daily if the turret needs to, usually working in the early morning hours before any of the prisoners have the chance to wake up and leave their cell. The bullets that the gun turrets use is just like the M2 Browning, the .50 BMG bullet cartridges, with a .510 in (13.0 mm) bullet diametre and an overall length of 5.45 in (138 mm), reaching up to a maximum pressure 54,800 psi (378 MPa) which makes it suitable for a machine gun of it's capabilities. Although a machine gun, the .50 BMG bullets are used for long-range target and sniper rifles, as well as other .50-caliber machine guns besides the M2 Browning. These machine guns have two long barrels that extend out after the turret has popped out from the walls or the ceilings, which they have been built into, allow double fire power and more of a chance to hit the target that they have been ordered to fire at.

Ki Gun Turret is a type of Artificial Equipment that utilises the energy of Ki in order to shoot deadly bullets of energy that have the ability to burn straight through targets, depnding on how powered that the Ki Gun Turret has programmed it to be, with this fascinating piece of technology able to scale the power of it's Ki shots in order to utilise them both for lethal and apprehension purposes, something that the normal Gun Turrets of Building 2 cannot do. With an internal source that is infused with mass amounts of Ki energy, these turrets use both electricity and Ki to operate, with electricity behind the mechanical moving and such of the turret, whilst it's attacks and ammunition is powered by the Ki energy installed in them. Due to the advanced technology used to create these Ki Gun Turrets, they are numbered less than the other turrets of Building 2 but remain as one of the strongest variants, with it's ability for their machines to manipulate the effects of the bullts of energy that these turrets can shoot out by the command, such as manipulating the Ki Energy to create bullets of Light, Fire and even bullets made out of Water which are under extreme pressure that they can even cut through solid metal if the Ki was powered enough for it to happen. One of the many kinds of Artifical Equipment that Building 2 uses, it is certainly the most common as there at least five to ten Ki Gun Turrets around each floor of Building 2 that it could even outnumber the amount of Artifical Equipment used by both the prisoners and the guards of Nanba Prison. The size of these shots resemble the same size as a .50 BMG bullet and can reach a top speed of 4,000 ft/s (1,200 m/s), matching the top speed of the fastest bullet in the world, the .220 Swift thanks to the power of Ki energy. This immense speed gives little to no reaction time for the targets and so makes it extremely dangerous if an inmate were to accidently find themselves in the line of fire of the Ki Gun Turret. Unfortunately the Ki Gun Turret only has one barrel to shoot out from and so only shoots not as much as the Gun Turret, but still ha alot more power when the Ki Gun Turret is operated correctly.

Building 2's Pit FightsEdit

As stated before, due to the implementation of a fairly large arena built within the levels of Building 2, people of Nanba Prison can come here in order to watch or even participate in fights that go around in the arena, though only those with the knowledge of the arena within Building 2 are allowed access to it, as it is illegal by their customs to tell someone of the outside world about what is going on in here. To be able to participate in a fight, one must find an opponent for them to battle against, as the next step requires both parties present at the application part of the pit arena, as all that is required in this part is to tell the main kiosk that is situated at the entrance of the pit about your fight and any other conditions that both dighters must agree on in order for the fight to carry on. There can be any stipulations for these fights, and it is important that one can remember these stipulations for as soon as a fighter does not follow these conditions, the fight is immediately halted and the other fighter claims victory over the other for keeping with the conditions. All fights within Building 2's arena requires both fighters to have survived and be alive at the end of their fight, as it has become illegal for fighters to kill one another in these areas of the buildings, with extremely harsh consequences being executed on the offender must they be able to kill their opponent. It is extremely

Guards and InmatesEdit

Building StaffEdit

Name Rank Ability Status
Duwa Supervisor Insane Durability Active
Richard Deputy Supervisor Electricity Manipulation Active


Name Inmate No. Cell Ability Status
Kage Nanase 0205 Cell 5 Flesh Manipulation Active
Karina Nanase 0220 Cell 14 Blood Manipulation Active
Charlotte Nanase 0219 Cell -10 ??? Active
Kane Nanase 02?? Cell -?? Fire Manipulation Active
Haru Nanase 02?? Cell -?? Fire Manipulation Active
Arachne 0275 Cell 11 Sewing Proficiency Active


  • Both the supervisor and the building relate to number two.
  • The building picture is "Seven Heaven's Headquarters" from "Blood-C the Last Dark".
  • Second building made on this site oml.