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Building 8



Tatemono Hachi


Nanba Prison


Ryota Fukamata

Building 8 (建物八 Tatemono Hachi) is one of the tallest buildings in Nanba Prison, storing some of the most dangerous criminals within its secure walls; even extending into the underground cells of the building. Located between Building 7 and Building 9 on the north side of the prison's headquarters. Being surrounded on all sides by prison buildings, Building 8 is often chosen to house high level security inmates in its walls due to it's heightened security measures and safe location in case of inmate escapes.


Building 8, just like any other building within Nanba, follows a strict organizational infrastructure to provide the most effective security measures possible. A mixture of both hidden and visible cameras line passageways, cells, air vents, and even the group bathrooms, to ensure that no spot is left blind to perform misdeeds. These video streams are fed to a continuous recording device located within the monitor room at the center of the building. This set up is repeated on each floor of the building to allow for quick response from the guards, and minimize the chances of missing something when watching the feed. The building is co-ed, with genders separated by floors to prevent potential sexual harassment during their bath time at the communal floor showers.

Building 8 has over one hundred floors extending up into the airspace, as well as twenty five floors below the ground. Each floor is home to fifteen cells, with the numbers starting on the ground level and increasing upwards. The floors themselves are organized based on criminal severity, with the worst of the worst kept in the cells at the highest floors, preventing them from a quick escape if they were to undo the padlocked door of their cell. The more well behaved inmates, typically the ones with the highest IPs, are put on the cells in the lower floor to allow them easier access to the wide variety of activity rooms available. The cells that are located below the surface come with the prefix "SL" on their cell number, standing for "sub-level". These cells have heightened security and no recreational amenities, used for those inmates who are highly dangerous.


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Prison StaffEdit

Name Position Ability Status
Ryota Fukamata Supervisor Electricity Manipulation Active


Name Cell No. Ability Status
Samantha Creed Cell 4 Paper Manipulation Active
Alexander Creed Cell 24 Bone Manipulation Active
Thane Creed Cell 24 Blood Manipulation Active
Edward Creed Cell 24 Blood Manipulation Active
Videl Amida Cell 66 Onryō Active