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Gravity manipulation
Gravity Manipulation



juuryoku ayatsuri



Gravity Manipulation (重力操り, juuryoku ayatsuri) is an ability that allows users to take control of and manipulate the forces of gravity to create powerful attacks and techniques. This powerful technique is said to be able to crush opponents with relative ease, even creating artificial black holes capable of sucking in small objects.


Gravity manipulation is a powerful ability that allows the user to manipulate the forces of gravity to destroy their opponents. Users of this ability are highly sensitive to the presence of gravitons in the air around them, pouring their Ki into them before taking control of them and utilizing them to form attacks and techniques. Having authority over these gravitons allows the user to manipulate gravity however they wish, using it to create similar effects found in other abilities like Telekinesis. They can stop objects in mid-air, making projectiles all but completely useless against them. They can also raise and lower the gravity at will, breaking the laws of physics by even changing the direction of gravity, pushing away opponents or pulling them in certain directs. Users of this ability can enhance their own physical capabilities by lowering the gravity around them, giving them incredible speed and strength. The force of the abilities usage alone is more than enough to crush solid earth. Users can also use this ability for defensive purposes, creating gravity force fields and barriers to protect them from oncoming attacks, making frontal attacks basically useless.

Those are just an example of the power possessed by users of gravity manipulators, their complete authority over gravity allowing them to heighten the gravity around them to such a degree that it collapses in on itself to create black holes capable of sucking in large amounts of matter even the forces of light are incapable of escape the black hole's gravitational pull. The more matter taken in by these black holes the more powerful the explosion that is created when these black holes collapse in on themselves. Similar to black holes, users can also create "white" holes. Being created in the exact same manner to their black cousins, white holes can be used in tandem with black holes to redirect attacks, anything that enters the black holes can be shot from the white holes. Despite the best attempts from even the most powerful of gravity manipulators, the strength of the artificial black holes created through the usage of this ability can in no way equal even half of the power of a true black hole whose gravity is believed to be strong enough to slow down time and capture light.


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