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Magnet Manipulation
Magnetism Manipulation



Jiki Sōsa


Telekinetic Ability



Magnetism Manipulation (磁気操作 Jiki Sōsa) is a telekinetic ability, and specialty of Metal Manipulation, that allows the user to manipulate magnetic fields and magnetic substances.


With the use of their telekinetic ability, a user is able to manipulate the magnetic field available from the earth's natural poles. They can generate, manipulate, and control those of the existing planetary magnetic force, as well as those of organic objects such as the magnetic force given off by electrical currents. The forces of attraction field of magnets are due to microscopic currents of electrically charged electrons orbiting nuclei and the intrinsic magnetism of fundamental particles that make up the material. Both of these are modeled quite well as tiny loops of current called magnetic dipoles that produce their own magnetic field and are affected by external magnetic fields. The ability to affect the forces on these dipoles is the essence of Magnetic Manipulation. One of the most influential techniques of this ability comes from the manipulation of ferrous materials, such as various metals and alloys. Though generally not used as an offensive ability, this ability is highly valued for its defensive techniques against various metal projectiles such as bullets and knives. Users are also capable of feeling disturbances within the earth's natural magnetic field to be used in tracking and detection. It can also be used in the disruption of electronic objects and tracking machinery by throwing off the magnetic forces generated by the instruments.The downfall of this ability comes from the limited offensive use given the surrounding environment. It is this reason that many users often carry ferrous objects such as marbles, bullets, or iron sand, to manipulate offensively against their opponent.


  • Attract (ゆうち, Yuuchi):
  • Repel (はじく, Hajiku):