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The Nanbaka Fanon Wiki was established to give the fans of the Nanbaka manga and anime a fun and welcoming environment to delve into the Nanba Prison and have their own adventure! Here users can create their own characters, abilities, and organize their own cell blocks to use in fierce battles, creative stories, and even comedy acts. Users are encouraged to interact and collaborate on stories, sharing ideas to take their writing to new levels. Making new friendships and unleashing creativity in the world of Nanbaka is what this fanon is all about!
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Artificial Limbs (人工四肢 Jinkō shishi) One of the most common types of artificial equipment are that of the artificial limbs, creations made to replace a lost and or damaged limb. It's also rather common to enhance these limbs by increasing their durability and strength or in the form of tools such as weapons or items that's used in their daily activities.

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  • Characters may only have a max of 5 abilities; two being "magical abilities" and three "physical abilities". See rules page for more.
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