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The New Years Celebration (賀正, Gashou) is a yearly event held in prisons all over the globe that for a single day places inmates and guards on the same level as they participate in a number of events in order to gain a single item of their choosing, inmates who participate and win are also rewarded IP, guards receiving a bonus on their next check.


In order to rally participants, each building within a prison will have its supervisor choose a cell of four inmates to represent them in the competition. This selection must be approved by the warden to ensure the safety of the prisons guards and supervisors that will be participating. This typically means that the inmates of the cell participating must have a clean enough behavior record, or a high number of Inmate Points earned, in order to be approved. When the inmates are picked, the building’s lead supervisor will choose three other supervisors or guards to accompany them in the event that guards will be required to participate.

Once all teams have been approved and chosen, typically finalized on New Year’s Eve, all of the prison polpulation will report to the designated arena within the prison yard. Dependent on the prison’s funds, this celebration will typically be in a colosseum-like arrangement, with a designated Master of Ceremony appointed by the warden to announce the events. These events are chosen at random by the appointed MC and will involve pitting building teams against one another in a tournament style fashion.


Prison Building No. Cell No. Guards Inmates
Nanba Prison


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  • This is currently a place holder until enough users are interest. If you would like to participate, please leave a comment below with links to your team. Must have a minimum of 2 guards and 2 inmates on a team.