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Static Discharge



Seiden Hōden


Ki Technique



Static Discharge (静電放電 Seiden Hōden): A Ki ability that can be performed with any of those who rely on Ki to perform techniques. The user will first build up Ki in his core and then slowly expanding their aura at a high molecular vibration, only to pull it back towards his core once more. Static electricity is then generated by the vibrational friction caused between the Ki particles in their aura, and the molecules in the air. The molecules of the two materials of different composition tend to stick together on contact due to a form of chemical reaction. This is very close to a chemical bond; the adjacent dissimilar molecules exchange electrons. And when one material is physically moved away from the other, such as the condensing of Ki back into the user’s core, it is regarded as friction. The result is that excess electrons are left behind in one material, while a deficit occurs in the other. With the air having developed a slight charge, the user releases the stored Ki energy from inside them, causing the previously charged air molecules to become electrically overstress and come alive with streams of lightning going off in all directions. Depending on how long the user collects radiant Ki, the reach of this spell is positively correlated. A typical discharge with a collection period of 5 seconds will reach a radius of 10 feet, while doubling that time will double the reach. A user’s body can only store such energy for a given amount of time however, and so the maximum reach of this spell tops out at a charging time of 160 seconds, with a reach of 320 feet. The epicenter of this attack, with a 15 foot radius, will yield the most devastating damage; while to outer rim will only cause little discomfort, described to feel like the shock that occurs when you rub your feet on the rug and touch another surface.


  • Because this rely's on static electricity generated between the Ki and the ambient particles, anyone can perform this technique.