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Vertical Drop Brainbuster



Suichoku rakka burēnbasutā





Vertical Drop Brainbuster (垂直落下ブレーンバスター Suichoku rakka burēnbasutā) is a hand to hand combat move which involves the combatant slamming his or her opponent's head into the ground with extreme force whilst the victim is being held upside down, which is how the move received it's name.


An unarmed combative attack, the combatant must first be able to flip the targeted enemy upside down so that their position is to be upside down, with their head pointing downward to the ground. Once the flip of their opponent has been successful the combatant will proceed to catch the opponent by wrapping their arm around the opponent's neck, in a sort of head lock or chokehold as they choke out air and any vocal sounds from the opponent to bring more damage to their body. The combatant will also grab onto the opposer's waist line to get more of a grip on the enemy, before violently dropping them down on their head as to cause brain damage, or just basic damage to the skull. This type of attack has been known to even break concrete floors if the combatant has enough strength to execute the move perfectly, and it should be pretty obvious how the move has received it's name, due to the fact that the opponent is dropped on their head in a straight upside down position, as the victim of Vertical Drop Brainbuster can face a concussion or even worse if the one executing the move is strong enough to do unbelievable damage with this. The aftermath of the enemy being slammed into the ground right on their head may be the same for many though, as the impact of such a brutish attack can cause the victim to cough up mass amounts of blood and even split the victim's head open, as seen when The Warden used Vertical Drop Brainbuster on Mitsuru and he was seen in a large blood splatter on the location of impact. This attack is mainly used as a finisher move against opponents as it is very hard to maintain a strong grip on opponents who are weary and alert during a fight, so it is for the best that users of Vertical Drop Brainbuster leaves this move to the end of their fight where the opponent may be much weaker than they were starting this entire fight. The chokehold that is used in Vertical Brain Buster is an Arm Triangle Choke, a very common kind of chokehold that is commonly used Judo, Brazilian fighting styles and Jiu Jitsu.

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