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Wire manipulation
Wire Manipulation



Waiyā no Ugoki


Telekinetic Ability
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Wire Manipulation (ワイヤーの動き Waiyā no Ugoki) is a unique ability that relies on the manipulation of wires and threads. It has been classified as a both a telekinetic ability and a Ki ability, due to a user's ability to manipulate preexisting wires or construct threads from their own Ki to cast at the target.


The manipulation and creation of wire through a user's Ki is the fundamental factor of this ability that allows them to create thin and flexible form of wire, shaping and combining them as needed, or moving them with filukinesis.

The wires themselves are ultra-sharp and incredibly thin, so much so that they can hardly be seen by the naked eye. Due to the fact that wires are constructed of extremely dense Ki, a skilled user would be able to sense the location of each wires. But because of the overwhelming number of wires produced, a user can overwhelm the senses of their target to take away from their ability to decipher the location of each individual thread. This can also be overcome if a user is able to manipulate metallic wires that are stored on their person, alluding to the fact that a degree of ferrokinesis is required for this.

Users can wield a wire or thread with great proficiency in range, accuracy and speed allowing them to perform a variety of offensive feats. The wires are shown to possess absurd cutting power due to their unique construct and vibrational pattern. Besides restraining enemies and even controlling other people's bodies against their will, they can be highly versatile in attacking. Wires can be used to slice through opponent's flesh and bone, or even cut through boulders and buildings with ease. This can also include actions such as wrapping objects and pulling them closer, binding and snatching an opponents weapon, or swinging from place to place. The wire provides for more conventional usage as well, including forming mesh shields to block bullets or attacks, or creating a support to walk across large ravines. In addition, users are able to use the wires to stitch any wounds that they might have sustained as well as those of their allies.

The maximum length a user is able to extend their wires is that of 125 feet for a single strand, but for combat a user will typically be able to cover a square radius of 45 feet with a multitude of wires. The sharpness of these wires depends on the compression of the user's Ki, for when done properly, a wire is easily capable of slicing through flesh and bone as if they were warm butter. The wires manage to have an amazing tensile strength, capable of supporting five grown adults on a single strand thick floor, and even supporting a boulder with the weight of 3,600 pounds.

Techniques Edit

Wire Manipulation Tehniques
Name Description Appearance
Solo Rampart (ソロ城壁 Soro Jōheki) Using a variety of wires available, a user will construct a personal shield doing a five point diamond stitch weave with their wires. This shield is able to stop a steel blade in its tracks with ease, and with its unique construct it is fairly flexible and able to give way to a brutal attack. This flexibility in the shield will keep it from fracturing, and by pulling the strings that make up their shield will allow the shield to return back to its flat state and can send the offending attack back towards it's user. This is very similar to the larger scale attack Arachnid Bulwark (クモの防波堤 Kumo no Bōhatei), but does not include the Ki barrier between each thread. It is purely a wire mesh that can be used to deflect attacks and can only extend up to 15 feet, due to the massive amount of wires that must be used to weave such a dense shield.
Solo Rampart
Bungee Lattice (バンジー格子 Banjī Netto) This is a unique construct of eternano wire that is made in a spring like construct, making the wires always return to the originally constructed form. It can be used to pull opponents within punching range for a flurry of rebound pummels or used as a way to catch an attack and send it back towards the enemy. The Bungee Wire can both stretch and contract, depending on what the user wants, allowing them to hold captured attacks for a moment before allowing the wire to return to its original form.
Bungee Lattice
Marionette Crucifixion (マリオネットはりつけ Marionetto Haritsuke) A precursor move to obtaining control over the user's body, although is not always necessary. Through a web of wires, the user will contract and manipulate those wires that are able to cross the path of the wrists or ankles of the intended target. Due to the sheer density of the constructed web, only a skilled user of minuscule size would be able to slip through the passages between each wire. Even those who think to shift into an elemental form would be rendered imobolize due to the fact that they would be passing through the pure Ki of the user, integrating it with thier own, which will achieve the desired effect of this spell. Once caught the user will manipulate the wires to wrap around the limb and pull it to extend the body into a crucifixion like pose. It is from this state that they will do one of two things. The user can either use a wire to decapitate them cleanly, or will do the more preferred method when there is more enemies to battle. By using a finely compressed wire the user will impale them into the spine, joints, and major pressure points within the target to connect their Ki with that of the targets, effective "hijacking" the users Ki system. Due to the keenly placed threads, a feat that requires high medical knowledge, the user is also able to control the synaptic impulses within the user, making them move however they see fit. While just barely visible, the strings used with this technique are so strong that they can completely and instantly disable the strongest of opponents, turning them into a mindless puppet for the user to control. This does require the user to have a power stronger than that of their opponents, or else the target's Ki will reject the threads and cause them to be expelled.
Chordae Tachycardia (腱索頻拍 Ken Saku Hinpaku) A multifunctional spell that can cause severe damage for any person who dare gets close. This spell functions through the manipulation of a dozen wires that are flayed at high speed in a 360 degree rotation around the user. Altering the path of each wire in an unpredictable pattern at such a high speed allows it to act as a defensive maneuver against physical attacks, as a person's weapon or limb would easily get hit by a wire of they attempted to penetrate the spell. This spell also acts as an offensive attack, as the speed at which the wires move release intense waves of air in an omnidirectional pattern, able to stand up against that of an average level Wind Manipulation user attack. The user can also take advantage of the speed of their wires and release a wave of Ki that functions with the same lethality as a pressure wave; easily able to cut through shields and defenses with a high vibration beam of Ki.
Wire manipulation
Arachnid Bulwark (クモの防波堤 Kumo no Bōhatei) This grid can expand to cover an area of 35 square feet, with each individual square making up 6 square inches. This is one of the more Ki expensing spells as the individual squares are sealed with pure Ki to solidify the construct of this grid. Meaning that the user, at maximum capacity, can only give form to this spell for around 30 minutes. The amount of time greatly decreases as the battle progresses, making it only capable of defending off a short burst attack, rather than a steady stream of attacks. The moment that an offending attack comes into contact with the grid it acts like an elastic net and bounces the foe's power back at them at such a speed that it seems that the user had cast it themselves. This is due to the high resonant frequency of the Ki, causing it to vibrate at such speeds that the interaction of the energy clouds emitted by the Ki particles will keep them held together, but still allow them to stretch and recoil back into their original form. It is able to affect physical as well as projectile attacks of both Ki or non-Ki origin, so much as they are within the scope of this spell and an adequate amount of Ki was put into the spell to reinforce it. It is the utmost highest in defensive spell in the proper hands, but should the Ki energy of the opponent overwhelm the caster, the grid will merely shatter, but can slow down the attack enough for the caster to get out of the way. This can act as either an offensive trap, or a defensive wall, making it a very versatile attack.
Aracnid Bullwark
Peregrine Flight (ハヤブサの飛行 Hayabusa no Hikō) Using a single filament the user will manipulate it into the form of a large falcon that stands about two feet tall and able to fly up to speeds of 242 mile per hour to chase down it's prey. This spells acts similarly to a dynamic elemental-make spell in the fact that it seems to operate on a consciousness of its own. This makes it able to track down its prey by following the Ki output of it's target with no definite range of pursuit, and is able to maneuver around obstacles in it's path. Once it has found it's target, one of two things will happen based on the user's intended purpose. The falcon will either latch its claws into the target and unravel to entrap the target in a tight bind of seemingly unbreakable thread. The second option is the falcon will come soaring in with wings outstretched, using its sharp wires to slash through the enemy as it makes a total of five passes before running out of stamina and Ki to maintain the sharpness of its wings for attack.
Wire hawk
Rising Trammel (上昇トランメル Jōshō Toranmeru) A deceiving attack that works on any terrain to help restrain and lacerate a target. This utilizes a multitude of wires, although to the eyes of the target there is only four visible. The user will connect wires to each of their finger tips, using both index and middle finger in a whip like motion to send the wires shooting towards their target; tearing up the earth on its sine wave pattern towards the enemy. This serves as a distraction however, to allow the user to send six other wires underground and travel at a much faster rate to get behind the enemy. Their construct will not fully solidify until reappearance, allowing them to mix in with the Ki of the earth for easier travel and lessen the change of detection. These underground wires will later on reappear after The target has been pushed back into its awaiting trap. The wires will snake up the user and bind their limbs tightly together towards their core in a matter of seconds, constricting tighter with each move. The wires above ground, although initially serving as a trick to push the target back to the awaiting trap, also serve their purpose by acting as a fierce whip that can severely lacerate the human body, easily cutting through an inch of tissue with a direct strike. Once caught by the wires, the whips can either deal a direct attack, or furth reinforce the bind to allow the user to perform Final Shackle (最終シャックル Saishū Shakkuru).
Rissing Trammel
Final Shackle (最終シャックル Saishū Shakkuru) The secondary motion created through Rising Trammel (上昇トランメル Jōshō Toranmeru) and its bind around an opponent. When initially entrapped by the wires, the user has them specifically crossed and tied so that, even if a target is able to gain an inch or two of space, the threads will restrict completely with the movement of the users fingers. To perform this spell is relatively simple, as the user will bring their left hand up towards their chest to tighten the wires around the targets body; while the right arm is partially outstretched with palm face up to maneuver the wires into its desired orientation to trigger the construction. With a bend of the user's right index finger toward their palm the wire configuration will be tightened into a complete ball, effectively ripping through any force that stands in the way of its kinetic endeavor. It has been shown to easily slice through the bones and tendons of any user, even carving its way through dense rock or metal to achieve its end goal. Once performed, all that is left in its wake is a heap of dismembered limbs and organs; acting as an end all for those in its hands. The original creator of this spell decided on its name as his goal was "to free the criminal plagued by the crimes of humanities wrath from his shackles. Ending his sentence and freeing his soul."
Final Shackle
Cervical Guillotine (子宮頸ギロチン Shikyūkei Girochin) Of of the most lethal attacks in a Wire user's arsenal, and as such it requires a high degree of skill and flexibility to execute. When a user gets withing range they must be able to send of threads from each of their finger to circle the target. This has been done before by expanding the reach of Chordae Tachycardia (腱索頻拍 Ken Saku Hinpaku) so that a target's body will be trapped within a web of wires. Once the threads have found their way around the target, the user must send them back to reattach to the fingers and create a definitive loop with each of the ten threads. Detection of this set up is usually avoided by creating a mass of wires to confuse the target, as well as giving the wires of the fingers a lot of slack to ensure that no potential trace of the wire could be given away. Once the complete loop has been formed a user need only rotate their body to make all the wires tighten around the targets neck, applying lethal amounts of pressure and rotational force. The sharpness of these wires allow them to easily cut through the spinal chord located on the back of the neck, killing their target instantly; and with the rotational force caused by the spin of the user's body, the head will typically spin around and become fully detached. Even if a user were to somehow withstand the cut towards their spine, the wires will have sliced through the flesh protecting the carotid artery and cause the enemy to bleed out quickly.
Radial Chaplet (ラジアルケレン Rajiarukeren) This attack follows the same basic principles as Cervical Guillotine (子宮頸ギロチン Shikyūkei Girochin), but is far easier to execute, and will work on a variety of appendages. This follows the same defensive grid pattern, allowing the user to use this in combination with a handful of other spells, but this does not function to protect them. When an enemy attempts to go through the grid the user will pull back the strings of the grid, causing them to tighten around the target's given limb. Because the amount of bone needed to go through, the simple retraction of the wires will only damage the flesh of the ensnared target. In order to fully separate the trapped appendage the user needs to deliver a greater amount of force to allow the wires to slice through the hardened calcium; a feat that can be done by simply jumping back while keeping the wires tight, a move that sends enough torque through the wires to allow them to cut through the entire limb. It has been noted that this effect isn't always successful. Elite users have been able to escape the complete amputation by using an incredible amount of strength to snap the wires, or using spells that harden their skin beyond that of normal bone, earth, or metals; such as the case of Bone Manipulation or certain alloys of Metal Manipulation.
Filament Sutures (フィラメント縫合糸 Firamento Hōgō-Ito) A rather simple spell to perform in the right hands, but for those who lack the medical knowledge of their intended targets anatomy and physiology it would be rather difficult. This is typically only used for medical situations, but has been see to use as a more permanent binding method by suturing a targets limbs, lips, or eyelids together to make escape rather difficult. But medical recovery is where this spell shines. By constructing a thread out of Ki a user will use this thread to perform a variety of suture techniques including: continuous and interrupted suturing, with stitches like the locking suture, nonlocking suture, subcuticular suture, simple interrupted suture, horizontal mattress suture, and vertical mattress suture. This will ensure the proper stitch for a variety of wounds to ensure hemostasis. The thread itself has a unique property however. Due to its unique properties, this suture technique has the ability to full connect back blood vessels, neuro tissue, as well as epidermal and muscular tissue. The thread itself contains Ki particles that can mimic the versatility of stem cells, constructing into the desire composition to aid in healing. This means that a user is capable of reattaching severed limbs to a patient and they will gain full functionality immediately. This treatment allows the person's body time to recover on it's own without loosing the motor function needed for battle. This process does leave a scar, as well as cannot get rid of any bruising sustained in the attack, and so it is not by any means a cure all. It has also been describe as rather painful when neurons are being reconnected.
Nen Stitches